‘Oil Market Rebalancing, Demand Expected to Rise’ One reason for Yes next time.

This report was published in Oil Industry News on Monday, 17 April 2017. The headline needs no changing for me.

Although there is a current surplus in supply, the surplus is reducing and will begin to fall behind the demand in coming years. I’ve already written confidently about this in:

‘Global demand for oil could outdo the 10-year average in 2017.’ Why the SNP Government, the sector and hedge funds are all optimistic.

and in:

North Sea oil and gas is on the crest of a ‘Third Wave’ and the SNP Government is already supporting plans for it

Demand is expected to begin to grow significantly in 2018 and 2019 with further strong growth in the years ahead. According to the report, peak demand is not in sight. The massive growth in car ownership in India and China, still petrol-based but more efficient, will play a large part in this.

The market-depressing effect of US shale production will not last due to sand shortages and, even in the near future will not supply the massive growth in the Asian market. Again I’ve already written about this at:

The Scottish Third Wave of Oil Productivity is built on solid foundations but those of the Shale Oil Industry are built on sand and on sand that is disappearing fast

This further strengthens the case I made for optimism in Scotland’s post-independence energy economy and a Yes vote, recently, at:

Energy, energy, energy: Scotland’s renewables projects, oil and gas discoveries just keep on coming



2 thoughts on “‘Oil Market Rebalancing, Demand Expected to Rise’ One reason for Yes next time.

  1. Ian Kirkwood April 18, 2017 / 1:41 pm

    Thanks for all that John, Scotland has a huge role to play in energy supply in the long term. We just need to get full access to the necessary investment. Looks to me that the current U.K. Government strategy is to block this clear advantage and to strangle the potential until they can claim interest in iScotland is dead. At the same time they are, however, clearly illustrating that “better together”, does not give any real benefit to Scotland. I truly hope we can get our ducks aligned for the next indyref. We must!

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