SNP Government-funded agents in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Singapore, help Scotland increase exports of food and drink to Asia to more than £1 billion.

This is from the website on the 16th April. Overall, exports to Asia went up 7% from 2016 and some items saw major increases suggesting a very promising future for this element in a post-independence Scotland when an even stronger Scottish export agency can really push for even greater success.

Here are two details from the report prompting the Rural Economy Secretary to say that our food and drink industry is in ‘fantastic health’:

‘Food exports grew by 41%

Dairy and eggs improved by 71%’  

I though many Asians were lactose intolerant but hey.

The chief executive of Scotland Food & Drink said,

‘The impressive growth in food and drink exports to Asia reflects the hard work on our industry Export Plan. Out of ten priority export markets, we currently have food and drink specialists based in four of them – China, Hong Kong, Japan and across Singapore and Thailand. There is still great potential for further growth of Scottish food exports, especially our renowned fish and seafood, into Asian markets which account for nearly a quarter of Scotch Whisky sales’.

See the full report at:

For more on the wider success of Scotland’s food and drink industries see these earlier pieces:

Food and Drink Special: Scotland’s exports surge and new SNP policies will maintain the growth.

‘Record year for food and drink exports’

Endless evidence that we can thrive independently.


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