Unannounced inspection of Gilbert Bain Hospital in Shetland reveals high standards.

Photo: Kenneth Shearer

© shetlandtimes.co.uk

The recently published report of a surprise inspection on cleanliness, hygiene or infection prevention and control, carried out on 30th November and 1st December 2016, highlighted only one area for improvement – ‘water ingress in the accident and emergency unit.’ I’ll come back to that.

Commended by the inspection team were:

Standard of equipment cleanliness was high.

Staff knowledge of standard infection control procedures was good.


The above two seem pretty crucial to me and thus reassuring news for the people of Shetland. The ‘water ingress’ issue is interesting. I’ve been to Shetland in February when the winds and rains blow horizontally with demonic force. If any part of the building opens then you’re going to get some ‘ingress’ at times. Read the explanation below and you’ll see they’re doing what they can and that this is a classic case of finding something, anything, to complain about or you look like you’re not doing your inspectorial job properly.

‘The water ingress presented a potential risk of contamination to the clinical areas where patients were examined. A representative from estates services explained this was an historical and ongoing problem that occurred during periods of extreme weather. Senior management staff told us that plans had been tested to make sure arrangements were in place to maintain safe, service continuity when water ingress occurs. We were also advised that extensive improvement work including upgrading the roof had been carried out and continued.’ (11)

See the first text I’ve highlighted? That’s common in Shetland. See the second piece? The potential risk has been long recognised and they know what to do about it thus, really, there is no risk.




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