Surgery in Scottish hospitals just as safe at weekends

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Back in March 2016, Eleanor Bradford BBC Scotland Health Correspondent, David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt were all wrongly convinced your life was at greater risk if you had surgery at the weekend. See this if you want a reminder:

We knew their sums were a bit dodgy at the time. Eleanor had based hers on a misreading of the data from one Dumfries hospital with a view to scaring Scottish patients as much as English ones already were. It’s taken some time for academics at Edinburgh University to thoroughly debunk the whole idea but they have now in the British Journal of Surgery, 21st March 2017. I haven’t got a report for NHS England but after all these years of Tory misrule, I’d drive back to Scotland first before signing in. Here’s what they report:

‘There was no difference in short- or long-term mortality following emergency general surgery at the weekend, compared with mid-week.’


One thought on “Surgery in Scottish hospitals just as safe at weekends

  1. Contrary March 24, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    The BBC are a bunch of charlatans eh?

    I heard this report on the radio this morning, and thought ‘why did you imply there was a problem in the first place?’ – just to make up news? So they could later make more news reports on how they had made up the first report? I suppose that’s one way to keep yersel’ in a job.

    Where is there any comparison now between NHS England and NHS Scotland? Surely we cannot compare Scotland’s with one that has had ‘humanitarian crisis’ labelled to it? I get furious when I read or hear news reports that just say ‘The NHS’ – it is very very pertinent to mention which one.

    For the English NHS: A friend of mine, has a relative that was sectioned last year (for mental health issues) – she stays around the Leeds area (keeping this vague for obvious reasons) and because of the lack of beds she had to be sent, by ambulance, to London. When you are sectioned, you do not get to stop off for a change of clothes or anything, so she ended up in London with no change of clothes, no toiletries, no money, and no family or friends nearby. My friend is her primary contact so she had to travel (from Scotland) to the relative’s home near Leeds first to get her clothes and toiletries etc, then to London to give her these things (and money) and talk to the health workers there, while liaising with the relative’s social worker near Leeds, and dealing with the obvious difficulties of communicating with someone with fairly serious mental health problems going through a difficult patch. Apparently this is a very common occurrence, sending patients hundreds of miles away, but with funding cuts to numbers of beds, the health board has no choice but to go to this huge expense, so that people who need urgent treatment get it. I was going to say it’s madness! But that would be inappropriate to this story, so I will just say I am astounded by the false economy of the cuts and atrocious conditions people (workers and patients) are having to deal with.

    I do not think we hear anywhere near the full story about how much the English NHS has deteriorated – not that we should compare – but that incident where some English patients were temporarily send to a clinic (home?, sorry I forget the details) in Edinburgh last year just sounded par for the course to me, though it was reported as some kind of major news. I worry that when Scotland gets its independence we will have to start sending aid packages & emergency food packages to relatives still living in England.


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