Will the Scottish Federation of Small Businesses jump sides after Brexit?

Strong supporters of the No campaign in 2014, the Scottish branch of the FSB were recently surveyed and made the EU a priority market ahead of the US, Canada, Australia or China. They said:

‘More than half of the 1,758 small firms polled – 191 of which were Scottish – for the survey said they found it easier to export to the EU than trade out-with the single market.’

Remember the rUK is not as yet an export destination but when it does become one, I feel sure our businesses will be able to export there barrier free-as English businesses have more to lose than we do by sheer virtue of their number and the scale of their sales to us. You know the argument. The European manufacturers will not allow high tariffs on UK goods because the same applied to their goods would damage them more than us. As with the UK and Scotland, they export more to us than we do to them. They have more to lose. However there are many EU nations and they don’t all rely on exports to the UK so there is a risk a majority might actually prefer to punish the UK and out-vote those who do export heavily to us. Theresa May’s secret deal with Nissan suggests this might be the case. There will only be one rUK so we can be sure their manufacturers will be able to prevent any rUK government trying to punish us for leaving.

So, watching rUK sail off out of the single market, the FSB must surely see the sense in switching sides and supporting Scottish independence in the EU?



2 thoughts on “Will the Scottish Federation of Small Businesses jump sides after Brexit?

  1. TheStrach March 22, 2017 / 10:43 am

    I hope you are right. As the Brexit disaster unfolds perhaps a lot of individuals and organisations will decide that this time voting for independence is the safest option.


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