Scottish government launches plan to help employ veterans


Here’s a headline from the Independent in 2014:

‘Just like after the Great War, Britain is celebrating the soldiers who died and neglecting those who survived’

The treatment of war veterans in the UK is a national disgrace with around 2 000 living on the streets. Readers will know that Scotland contributes more personnel to the armed forces than other parts of the UK and so has more veterans to care for, per head of population. The USA, Canada and Germany already have schemes like the one being announced in Scotland so it’s long overdue. The essential features of the scheme are:

A toolkit aimed at encouraging businesses to proactively recruit and benefit from employing veterans…..Delivered by Business in the Community, the toolkit highlights tried and tested techniques being used by leading employers to successfully attract and recruit talented veterans. This includes advice on how to;

  • Inspire and prepare veterans for civilian life
  • Create recruitment processes that are friendly and accessible to veterans
  • Create a supportive culture that helps to retain, develop and progress military talent within business.’

The scheme has been welcomed by Business in the Community Scotland. Sandy Macdonald, Head of Sustainability, Standard Life, said:

‘When entering the workplace armed forces veterans bring with them a unique set of skills and experiences, which we have found to be ideally transferable to our business. Despite this, we are well aware of the challenges and difficulties that many veterans face when making this transition and are fully supportive of efforts to help tackle these problems. Through our Armed Forces Network, we are actively engaged in a number of initiatives and programmes that help raise awareness and increase support to veterans.’

Fine words and good intentions are a start but we’ll need these converted into real action by the business community and, of course, publically-funded employers. With particular regard to the latter employers, considerable efforts have already been made.  Details can be found at:

Other sources:


2 thoughts on “Scottish government launches plan to help employ veterans

  1. Contrary March 22, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    About time as you say, John, and good that Scotland’s government is doing something. I really hope an independent Scotland has fully integrated policies regarding veterans so that there is never any armed forces personnel abandoned after serving.

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