SNP Government launches new fuel poverty pilot scheme to enhance existing scheme which has already improved 100 000 homes.


22 rural households will take part in a pilot project designed to find ways of reducing fuel poverty. The pilot will take 12 months and £300 000 will be invested in it.  Advisers from Home Energy Scotland (HES) will identify strategies for reducing fuel costs in the pilot homes and an independent panel of academic will review the evidence.

Communities, Social Security, and Equalities Secretary, Angela Constance, announced the pilot study while visiting the 100 000th home to benefit under the existing Home Energy Efficiency Programme since 2013. The release, yesterday, concluded with:

‘From 2009 to 2021 the Scottish Government will have allocated more than £1 billion under home energy policies to make homes warmer and cheaper to heat. Around two in five Scottish homes are in the top three energy efficiency rating – up 74% since 2010.’

I wonder what the Tories are doing? See this from 2016:

George Osborne has overruled energy minister Amber Rudd by vetoing changes to the government’s £320m scheme tackling fuel poverty that would have targeted it better at the neediest families, leaked emails show. Rudd is often regarded as a close ally of the chancellor, but the two clashed during March over changes to the warm home discount (WHD), which is administered by energy providers and provides a £140 rebate to help poorer households pay their bills.’

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