NHS Scotland care home receives perfect report

NHS Scotland care home receives perfect report

I’m sure you all remember, last year, the traumatic images from privatised care homes in England, captured on secret cameras. They turned out to be representative of a wider malaise in English privatised care homes. I’ve listed a few links at the bottom for those who can bear to read them.

So, it’s a blessed relief to read of the Scottish Care Inspectorate’s report of an unannounced or spot check of an NHS home in February 2017 reported in the Press & Journal today.

‘Lochbroom House in Ullapool was highlighted by the Care Inspectorate for consistent provision of high quality care following the unannounced visit last month. A spot check at the 11-bed home resulted in “very good” grade 5s in two categories – quality of care and support and quality of management and leadership…….. It also said that the care home premises are clean and fresh, and that there were good systems in place to check that equipment was in good order…… There were no recommendations or requirements made as a result of the visit.’

The last point is special. Most inspections can find something to suggest that ould be improved.


This is an NHS care home. You’ll remember the horror stories from private care homes in England last year. If not:






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