Percentages Anas, that’s what we need? BBC Salford can do it so why can’t you?

‘Bed blocking in NHS England has become significantly worse in Mental Health Trusts than in Acute Hospitals.’ (BBC Breakfast, 6.1.17)

Here are the facts in percentages so we can understand properly:

Bed blocking in NHS England, Physical Health Care, is up 30% and in Mental Health Care it’s up 56%. That’s more than 200 000 lost in just October 2016.

That look s like a crisis doesn’t it? Yesterday Anas Sarwar, of the wee Labour in Scotland Branch Office, announced that ‘more than 680 people died in hospital care while waiting to leave between March 2015 and September last year.’ Just to be clear that was 680 in 19 months or roughly 570 days. He didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us whether that was worse or better than the previous 19 months. He couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us what percentage that was of the roughly 1.6 million cases dealt with every year by NHS Scotland. He didn’t remind us that the number of people dying in Scottish hospitals continues to fall with 7% less dying in hospital since 2014. He didn’t tell us that bed-blocking in Scotland was down 9% in 2015/16 compared with the previous year because he somehow, illogically, wanted to blame that for the deaths.

Most of all, of course, neither Anas, the newspapers, STV News, not BBC Scotland gave us any context by comparing the situation in NHS Scotland with that in NHS England. You have to watch BBC ‘National’ News or read the English newspapers to hear about the oh-so-real crises in NHS England which make the serial reporting of made-up crises dug up by the Tories or Labour and then dutifully reported by Reporting Scotland, the fabricated non-news they clearly are. A Scottish 6 produced by the same inept team? No thanks!

How about these NHS England headlines from the last month only:

‘Hundreds MORE die unexpectedly at crisis hospitals.’

‘NHS winter crisis: hospitals across England report they are full.’

Crisis in the NHS’‎

‘NHS gripped by winter crisis with 15 hospitals listed as having no spare beds on at least one day.’

‘NHS CRISIS: Patients waiting 18 weeks or more for treatment rises by more than 40 per cent’

‘The NHS bed-blocking crisis stems from a lack of planned home-care.’

NHS England sending anorexic patients to Scotland for treatment.’

BBC Scotland seemed to have missed that last one.

Finally, why is Anas leading on this. I thought Ruth Davidson’s Tories were now the real opposition. Why isn’t she attacking the SNP-run NHS Scotland? Is it because her pals in England are running down NHS England and somebody might make a connection?

6 thoughts on “Percentages Anas, that’s what we need? BBC Salford can do it so why can’t you?

  1. Francis morrison January 6, 2017 / 10:54 am

    As a nurse let me say this many frail elderly detoraite very fast passing away suddenly , you say care home to some and they loose the will to live sad but true. This is very well researched , apperently none of these dudes have any knowledge about elderly care , sad


  2. Sam January 6, 2017 / 12:23 pm

    Noticed this, it’s a new tactic, broadcast figures with no comparison, made by the so called journalists. Its a tactic that’s going to be used time and again. No reason for them to drop it, unless a critical number of people can see through it all. Scots have to wake up. Your efforts are part of this process.

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  3. johnrobertson834 January 11, 2017 / 5:44 am

    Hi John.
    You typed above, “You have to watch BBC ‘National’ News or read the English newspapers to hear about the oh-so-real crises in NHS England…”

    You don’t actually. Here’s an extract from a post I did on WOS last night.

    “‘The Courier’ is the main regional newspaper in Scotland for the area from Fife up to Perthshire, Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire. These are recent headline stories from that ‘regional’ newspaper.

    “Labour demands £700m emergency cash injection to address NHS winter ‘crisis’”
    (7th Jan 2017.)
    “Red Cross steps into help NHS cope with ‘humanitarian crisis’”
    (6th Jan 2017.)
    “100,000 patients heading to A&E with dental problems each year, study claims”
    (6th Jan 2017.)
    “Two patients die at same A&E department amid pressure on NHS”
    (6th Jan 2017.)
    “Serious mistakes in NHS hospital patient care soar, figures reveal”
    (31st Dec 2016.)
    “Rats and cockroaches among thousands of pests found in NHS hospitals”
    (30th Dec 2016.)
    “NHS hospitals making more money than ever from car park charges, analysis shows”
    28th Dec 2016.)
    “NHS faces nearly £30m unpaid bill from overseas patients in one year”
    (20th Dec 2016.)

    In three weeks, The Courier has published these eight stories (there are actually more; those are just examples) about failings in “THE NHS”. The only problem I have with their reporting is that EVERY one of those stories is about failings in NHS England! Why, in the headlines, did it not state “NHS England”?

    Now, some may suggest that The Courier is trying to create confusion in the minds of their readers – referring to failings in the NHS in their headlines, only making it clear further down the story, that it is about NHS England. Thus making the Scottish Government look bad. Some may suggest that; I couldn’t possibly comment.”


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