Where’s Ruthie? I thought she was going to stand toe-to-toe with Nicola?


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Ruth Davidson’s new shoes for standing toe-to-toe with Nicola?

‘Ruth is the real opposition to the Nationalists in the Scottish Parliament. She is the person who can stand toe-to-toe with Nicola Sturgeon and take the battle to the SNP.’ (David Mundell, October 2015)

In the last five days, we’ve had headlining roles for both Kezia Dugdale and Anas Sarwar on Reporting Scotland. Do you remember, they’re the leader and second in command of the third party in Scotland? The Tories are the official opposition, we’ve been told. Allegedly 25% of Labour voters have deserted to them and Labour are predicted to get 15% to the Tories’ 25% in the next elections.

There was one story based on a Conservative Party Freedom of Information request on the 3rd. It was about Police Scotland’s allegedly too high compensation costs but no Tory rep turned up to shout about it. I’ve ‘done’ this one already at:


So where is Ruthie? A Google search for the last week finds only:

  • Her New Year wishes tweet
  • A com survey calling her Remain campaigner of the year
  • Alex Bell in the Daily Record calling for her to come forward and dae something

Isn’t the second one quite funny given her complete silence now that her London bosses are going full-ahead with Red, White and Blue Brexit.

So, if she is still standing toe-to-toe with Nicola she must be wearing those extra-long clown shoes.




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