English Hospitals ordered to divert patients from overstretched A&Es just when they get busy. All quiet in the Scottish Unionist Media

See these two disturbing quotes from the Telegraph of 18th December 2016

‘GPs and nurses will be sent to the front doors of casualty units to turn away less serious cases, in a bid to tackle record demand and overcrowding as Christmas approaches.’

‘Hospitals have already been ordered to stop carrying out the majority of operations for at least a month, in a bid to reduce dangerously high levels of bed occupancy.’

On Christmas Day, the Telegraph also warned:

‘Overstretched hospitals were forced to cancel more life-saving operations last month than at any time since official records began, new data reveals.’

‘Almost double the number of urgent procedures, such as heart surgery, were delayed in November than during the same month the year before.’

‘MPs said the figures showed hospitals in England are “close to breaking point” even before most parts of the country are hit by severe winter weather, which traditionally exacerbates demand for services.’

NHS England is clearly in a crisis. There’s no other reasonable interpretation of these actions. The potential for increased deaths resulting from errors made at the front doors of A&E units and deciding which operations, from thousands of cases, to cancel.

In Scotland, our UK Nationalist media would surely be all over this kind of thing if it applied here. They haven’t.  Back in September and October 2016, the Guardian, STV, BBC, the Daily Record and the Daily Express were all confidently warning of coming ‘crises’ in a general sense or specifically about staffing, in Scotland.

By December 2016, the Daily Record was using the word about A&E waiting times in Ayrshire and Arran Health Board only, at the bottom of the Scottish league table. The Daily Express had managed to find a similar increase in waiting times at the new Glasgow Hospital (I won’t use its royally wrong name). Nothing from BBC Scotland! Remember Scotland’s A&E has been repeatedly been rated the best in the UK and on one occasion the best in the World.


Other than that, we only had the GP’s trade union, the BMA, warning of a potential crisis unless they get more money.



So, that’s NO reports in the Scottish MSM of:

  1. Being turned away from A&E by hard nurses at the front door
  2. Cancelled emergency operations
  3. The majority of operations put on hold
  4. A real crisis across NHS Scotland

Oh, aye, and still no junior doctors’ strikes in Scotland. Why is that Reporting Scotland? Do tell.

Right, it’s Happy New Year and if you’re no weel, get right along to NHS Scotland, the noo.


6 thoughts on “English Hospitals ordered to divert patients from overstretched A&Es just when they get busy. All quiet in the Scottish Unionist Media

  1. broadbield January 1, 2017 / 4:25 pm

    Are we surprised? A train is late in Scotland and the Minister must resign; a trams’ fiasco which Unionist parties conspired to enable and they suffer amnesia and blame the SG; new Bridge is a vanity project – oh, wait, the old one is about to collapse, but that’s the SG’s fault as well; meanwhile in Britain (aka England) a rail company is not fit to run a double 0 gauge, but do they demand the minister’s resignation? English NHS in crisis so do they call for the English health minister to resign? Are we surprised?


  2. Alistair Robertson January 1, 2017 / 6:28 pm

    Brilliant stuff John. A happy New Year to you and yours too. Keep up the good work!!


  3. Clydebuilt January 2, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    Brilliant post John……. Needs to be shared widely…… Print off and post through letterboxes


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