BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team urged to take leading academic’s advice before they make a bottom of themselves again

Talking-up Scotland

We may have caught them in time as there is no sign of this planned broadcast in the schedules for tonight.

Readers will know that the Disclosure team has a bit of a record of gaffs like the time they followed the wrong lorry full of calves all the way to Spain.

Anyhow, ‘The Care Home Scandal’ sounds a bit risky for them. I can see them listening to Jackson Carlaw and that private care home owner then blaming Jeane Freeman for all the deaths.

So, out of the kindness of my heart, Mark, here are the facts:

  • There is no evidence that the discharges from hospitals caused the care home outbreaks.
  • Public Health England and Jean Freeman confirmed that the main source of infection was the movement of agency staff.
  • The private care homes relied heavily on agency staff bused in from as far afield as Kent.
  • Judging…

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