Is this real research or just a commercial activity?

Herald and Dundee prof trumpet 0.02% drop. Our expert comment by stewartb at bottom of post. Warning: Heaveee!

Talking-up Scotland

In the Herald this morning:

‘SCOTTISH children are no longer the best at reading across the UK and Ireland – after being knocked off the top spot in a “stinging blow” toeducationleaders. The largest literacy study ever conducted in the UK, written by Professor Keith Topping from the University of Dundee, has revealed that Scottish pupils are now joint second in terms of their level of reading comprehension – on a par with England and behind Northern Ireland.’

I can find no sign of ‘proper’ peer-reviewed research, published in a credible journal, but only this press release on the Dundee University website:

‘The What Kids Are Reading Report 2020, written by the University of Dundee’s Professor Keith Topping for reading practice and assessment provider Renaissance UK, showed thatScottish youngsters have slipped behind Northern Ireland and have come joint second in terms of level of reading comprehension…

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One thought on “Is this real research or just a commercial activity?

  1. anniefraethehills February 28, 2020 / 10:13 am

    A stinging blow, aye right. Where was the stinging blow to England as it drew with Scotland and was bested by NI? Not content with criticising the Scottish Government, the SNP, its members, now they’re picking on Scottish bairns. As a retired teacher, I can tell you that a drop of 0.02% will not be keeping me awake at night worrying about the drop in standards.


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