‘The narrative surrounding devolution in Scotland throughout the past 20 years has been one of immense success’

We’ve seen more than a few criticisms of Holyrood based on ill-informed Unionist biases but this independent research, published by nfpSynergy, an organisation that provides market research and consulting services exclusively for charities and non-profits, passed our MSM by, I think, and me too.

Perhaps explaining the low-profile coverage, the report is enthusiastic. See these excerpts:

As such, the narrative surrounding devolution in Scotland throughout the past 20 years has been one of immense success, and in turn has helped feed into an atmosphere of renewed confidence across the Scottish political sphere. But while looking backwards, the 20thanniversary has also focused minds on the present and future, bringing into focus the current contrast between Holyrood and Westminster with the current deadlock and chaos the UK Parliament is experiencing as a result of Brexit.

But most of all, these examples are proof to the empowering effects that devolution has had on many charities in helping influence and in many ways dictate the policy agenda across the country. In providing such an arena through which to campaign, influence and change (and away from the congestion of Westminster politics) the Scottish Parliament acts as a major platform by which the voice of charity can be heard loud and clear.




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