Don’t fight over a toilet blocking stone lads and lasses

In the Edinburgh Evening News yesterday:

Edinburgh MSPs say Stone of Destiny should stay in Capital. CITY politicians say the Stone of Destiny should remain in the Capital despite a high-powered bid to have the centuries-old symbol of Scottish monarchy relocated to Perth. But they said it would be reasonable to consider allowing Perth to borrow the ancient stone. Deputy First Minister John Swinney, fellow SNP Perthshire MSP Roseanna Cunningham and SNP MP Pete Wishart are backing a plea by Perth & Kinross Council to have the stone as the centrepiece of a new museum and arts hub to be created in Perth City Hall.

When the monks at Scone heard that Edward the Psychopathic Serial Killer 1st was on his way, stripping Scotland of its symbols of nationhood, they hid it and replaced it with a lavvycover. It’s true. See this authoritative piece on ‘English’ History (😉):

Anyhow, it has little to do with Scots now, as a people. Drill a hole in the side, insert the supposed heart of the Bruce in a Shortbread tin decorated with Bonnie Prince Charlie, wrap it all in tartan then fly over Loch Ness and drop it on the monster!

On reflection, maybe a bit hard on the monster.



One thought on “Don’t fight over a toilet blocking stone lads and lasses

  1. Alasdair Macdonald August 17, 2019 / 10:54 am

    The article to which you have provided the link, mentions towards the end about the Stone having been repaired by a Glasgow Stone mason. The Liberators’ had drapped it when they were removing it and it broke.

    The stone mason had his yard in Finnieston in Glasgow and he was a known supporter of independence. He was invited to speak at a local school prizegiving some 15 or so years after the events and spoke of how he repaired it. He added that he had also carved a replica, but that his apprentice had moved things about in the yard and, when he returned he could not tell which was the original and which was the replica! (He was not a man known for his modesty when it came to his masonic skill).

    So, he was not sure if the one retrieved from Arbroath Abbey was the real thing or the one he and others had hidden!!!!!!!!!

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