Food banks are Scotland becoming a normal European country….’an enriching example of human compassion, faith and social cohesion!’

‘Caring Conservatism?’

Tories change leader to ‘sunlit uplands’ Johnson – but continue to recruit failed, retread candidates from the same extremist britnat Better Together slime pond that Davidson forever haunted. Link and snippets below:

A north-east secondary school teacher has been adopted by the Scottish Conservatives to contest the Aberdeenshire East constituency in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

Stewart Whyte, a former Turriff Academy pupil who went on to teach history in Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and Aboyne, will contest the seat currently held by the SNP’s Gillian Martin.

The 48-year-old was the Conservative chairman of the Better Together Aberdeenshire alliance during the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

Mr Whyte said: “I will be standing for a ‘fair share’ for the north-east.

What Stewart Whyte (and the ‘Scottish’ tories) should have mentioned – but chose not to – is his controversial history of obnoxious views regarding food bank use. Let’s cast our minds back to the 2014 Indyref when even the Better Together organisation felt the comments had to be publicly disowned. Link and snippets below:

by Cameron Brooks

August 12, 2014, 5:29 pm

Row over food banks are normal claim

North-east pro-union campaigners have been criticised for describing the upsurge of food banks in Scotland as “normal”.

The Aberdeenshire branch of the Better Together group sparked outrage online after it claimed the situation was “far from being a sign of failure” for the UK.

It described food banks as an “enriching example of human compassion, faith and social cohesion”.

It said they had been operating in France, Germany and the USA for many years and using the issue as a “simplistic political football” in Scotland insulted people who run and use facilities.

Aboyne Academy head teacher Stewart Whyte, who stood for the Conservatives in the Aberdeen South and North Kincardine seat at the 2011 Holyrood election, was also criticised for making similar remarks in a separate online post.

A spokesman for the pro-UK group said the post on social media, which has been deleted, was “totally inappropriate” and an investigation had been launched into why it appeared.

The Better Together Aberdeenshire post, which was shared 316 times, read: “The current SNP strategy is to highlight the existence of food banks in Scotland as a shorthand of the failure of the UK and to hint that they could be ended in an independent Scotland….Food banks are Scotland becoming a normal European country….they are an enriching example of human compassion, faith and social cohesion.”

The row broke out a day after the Scottish Government announced it was giving food banks in the north and north-east a share of £518,000 to help people struggling to eat and pay their bills.

The Trussell Trust charity that said the number of people using its food banks in Scotland between April 1, 2013, and March 31 this year (2014) had risen to 71,428 – a fourfold increase in 12 months.

The charity said many people who needed help had been plunged into debt because of the so-called bedroom tax, benefits sanctions, and delays to the payment of crisis loans.

Reflecting on the Aberdeenshire group comments, a spokesman for Better Together said: “This is completely inappropriate….We have launched an investigation into how this appeared on one of our local group pages.”

Well – isn’t it nice to see that the famous 2014 INVESTIGATION by Better Together anent his COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE comments has resulted in his adoption as a candidate in Johnson’s Brexiteer New Model tories.

Clearly no improvement in the quality control mechanisms applied when Col. Davidson used to be in charge, then?


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