3 thoughts on “Scots in time and place

  1. gavin August 4, 2019 / 4:10 pm

    Nothing has actually appeared for the article on “Scots in time and space”, John. Perhaps we are IN space?

    I see a Guardian story about a Tory candidate who thinks “England would be better off without Scotland”, a fairly common viewpoint in the Torysphere..
    As evidence, however, he cites “Scotland abolishing university fees” —–using English taxpayer money! He offers no evidence for this, as it never happened.
    He seems to have no knowledge of North sea oil revenues, or the McCrone report—– Or that Scotland has had its economy run entirely from London in the modern age–right across the 20th century when we had, uniquely in Europe, stagnant economic and population growth—— Including when 10’s of £billions were flowing south to the Treasury.
    Nope, his take on the UK is that Scots fleece the English.

    Time for a fast exit, before we are accused of lacking proper respect for The Boris, and knowing our place!

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