English MPs sent to the colonies to govern the locals

From Ludo:

The Welsh tories are showing Davidson’s ‘Scottish’ tories up for the gutless bunch they truly are. Interesting how beeb Scotland hasn’t felt that comparing and contrasting the Welsh and ‘Scottish’ tory reactions might be in the public interest given the appointment of the chap Walker (MP for Bertie Wooster) as depute at the Scotland Office. Link and snippets below:


The UK government should stop recruiting English MPs to ministerial roles in the Wales Office if Welsh MPs are unsuitable, a Welsh Tory MP says.

David TC Davies (Welsh tory MP – and Chairman of the Welsh Affairs select committee) said the candidate “should ideally come from Wales”.

“It’s the Welsh Office, not the Welsh and English Office,” Mr Davies told BBC Wales on Sunday.

“If we can’t find someone from Wales who’s acceptable for the deputy position, then just get rid of the deputy position.”

He said the Wales Office “should not be seen as some sort of stepping stone towards another job somewhere else”.

And he added that he had “made it clear” he was interested in the role.

Since Guto Bebb decided to quit over Brexit, the UK government has filled the Wales Office minister job with English MPs.

Under former prime minister Theresa May, Mr Foster’s predecessors were Nigel Adams, who represents Selby and Ainsty in Yorkshire, Eastleigh MP Mims Davies and Welsh speaker Stuart Andrew, who is MP for Pudsey.

Mr Foster (newly appointed Wales Office deputy) has two other jobs – in the cabinet office and as a government whip.

On Friday Tory councillor Richard John said not recruiting Welsh MPs to the Wales Office was “damaging” to his party’s “Welsh credentials”.

Former Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies agreed it was a “missed opportunity”.

The UK government has been asked to comment.


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