SNP at 47/46% and Indy-supporting parties at 50/48% but still no Jo Swinson surge

From YouGov based on a sample of 146 and fieldwork between 25th and 26Th July and from Opinium with 115 respondents on 24th to 26th July.

Party                     YouGov                Opinium

Con                        21                           23

Lab                         11                           14

LibDem                 12                           11

SNP                        47                           46

Green                    3                              2

Brexit                    5                              5

Click to access SundayTimes_190726_VI_Boris_Brexit_w.pdf

The last four polls* had the SNP averaging 45.5% so these two seem to confirm a powerful solidity to their base prior to any campaigning and reveal the ineffective nature of all opposition/media attempts to weaken it.

Both also suggest a recovery of Con support as Brexit lose a bit of edge to a Boris Johnson win and as the Con support in Scotland seems to care little for what Ruth thinks. Much will depend on what Johnson does if it’s to last.

Though there has bee a Lib Dem surge in London and the South, it has not appeared in the North or in Scotland where it looks like returning them to 4th place. Swinson seems to have had no impact.

As for Johnson popularity, YouGov show him to be considered negatively at 71% in Scotland and far more so than in other parts.

*I’ve ignored the ComRes poll with SNP support at 38% as an outlier in the context of around 20 sub-polls this year putting support we above 40%


5 thoughts on “SNP at 47/46% and Indy-supporting parties at 50/48% but still no Jo Swinson surge

  1. anniefraethehills July 29, 2019 / 1:18 pm

    Maybe,as far as Ms. Swinson is concerned, people have realised that she occasionally wanders off from the truth. (That comment is me being very polite 😄).

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  2. Ludo Thierry July 29, 2019 / 7:14 pm

    Westminster pm JoBo apparently told the beeb’s Brian ‘tickety boo’ Taylor that the Indyref ‘once in a generation’ trope had to be firmly adhered to – that ‘once in a generation’ was an Indyref ‘timetable’ and not a figure of speech. Link and snippet below:

    “I asked Mr Johnson about this too. He said that the 2014 ballot was run on the basis that it took place once in a generation. It would be “totally wrong” to diverge from that timetable.

    What, I pressed, if the supporters of independence win a mandate at the next Holyrood elections. Mr Johnson repeated his first answer”.

    Poor JoBo – some will miss him (I’m sure) when brexit is not achieved by Halloween. Westminster pm JoBo did, after all, extend the firm commitment when addressing the media outside No. 10 that he would “..Do or Die..” if brexit is not achieved by that date. He must, necessarily, be of the firm opinion that it would be “..totally wrong..” not to apply the – literal – consequence of that particular figure of speech. (After all – sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander, n’est-ce pas? – funereal music intoning).

    (Hopefully Nanny will take him firmly in hand and put him to ‘bedfordshire’ in the nursery (probably with only bread and butter for supper) to keep him out of mischief when midnight comes and goes on All Hallows’ Eve. Nanny will tell him to stop spouting such utter stuff and nonsense or she’ll send him to the naughty step for a good long sulk in the morning.)

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  3. Allan Brydson July 30, 2019 / 11:14 am

    SNP totally lost the plot, the infrastructure in Scotland is woeful, by road you can’t leave as nearest port is Hull and unless you are going to Tenerife or Marbella you need two flights.
    I voted SNP for 35 years but no more as their lack of vision is astonishing as is their running of the country, I am currently on a 52 week waiting list for back surgery.
    Someone said “do you want to be like Singapore without sun” bring it on as their infrastructure is second to none and their diverse population all pull together.
    Buff said


  4. Jon Pollock August 1, 2019 / 9:57 am

    Your comment is complete and utter lies, how dare you spout this crap knowing it is lies, people of Scotland for once deserve the Truth which we will never get from Tories or Labour or any of their bias supporters.


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