SNP Government invests FOUR times more on energy efficiency than UK’s ‘disgraceful inaction’

Scotland’s decision to classify energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority and spending four times as much as the Tories at Westminster on household energy efficiency – the highest average annual per capita investment in the UK. By marking it as infrastructure priority, the SNP Scottish Government has embedded efficiency as a structural long-term benefit.

From Parliamentary Paper: Delivering Residential Energy Efficiency:

The figures demonstrate that the current rate of renovation in the UK needs to increase by around 7 times. Behind this headline figure lies a variance between the increase in energy efficiency renovation needed in England compared to the devolved nations. For example, in England the rate needs to increase by a factor of 9, compared to a factor of 2.5 in Scotland. The Government appears indifferent towards how public per capita spend in household energy efficiency in England compares to other parts of the UK. We note that Scotland’s investment of four times more than England cannot be explained by a less efficient dwelling stock: the latest housing survey data demonstrates that homes in Scotland actually have greater insulation levels than in England. For example, in 2017, 49 per cent of homes in England had insulated walls, compared to 60 per cent of homes in Scotland.97 For homes with lofts, 43 per cent in England were properly insulated (200mm or more) compared to 63 per cent in Scotland. The disparity in per capita spending suggests that the governments of the devolved nations treat energy efficiency as a much higher priority than the UK Government.


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