Conservatives FAIL England as TEEN knife crime soars

In a Home Office report, ‘An analysis of indicators of serious violence’, published yesterday we see that more than 17 500 boys aged 14 carry a knife or weapon in England and Wales.

Click to access analysis-of-indicators-of-serious-violence-horr110.pdf

The above appears as fatal stabbings in England & Wales pass 100 cases already this year, with 19 of the victims under 20 years of age:

I cannot find a single fatal stabbing of a teenager reported in Scotland in 2018 or 2019.

This follows reports of soaring knife crime in England (graph above and map below) to over 140 offences per 100 000 population in some areas:

Knife Crime in Scotland:

The latest figures for Scotland are expected to be published in October 2019 but the trend has been dramatically downward. Offensive weapon carrying in Scotland has reduced by the last ten years.


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