The Real [English] Conservative Party keeps parents and their Scottish Branch in the dark

To remind those loyal Scots Tories now willing to fluffily ‘serve under’ Boris, a wee reminder that’s it’s entirely a one-way street emerges in the Guardian today.  4-year-olds, not even 5-year-olds, are to be tested and their parents need not expect to be informed never mind consulted. It’s the kind of thing that used to madden those champions of family values and strict parenting like Ruth Davidson (still not available for comment). Less than a year ago she was furious:

Driven on by righteous indignation and ‘compassionate conservatism’, she attacked the SNP’s flagship policies on education:

But even the Tory press in England were unable to resist noting the hypocrisy. The Times wrote:

Ruth Davidson has been accused of “shameless opportunism” after the Tories stole a march on other parties by launching a formal attempt to scrap school testing at age five. The Conservatives used their position as Holyrood’s second party to lodge a motion for debate next week, which will lead to a vote on the policy that the SNP is expected to lose. Nicola Sturgeon pointed out that the Scottish Tories had supported P1 testing in their latest manifesto. Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who have consistently opposed it, had also planned to secure a vote on the policy.


4 thoughts on “The Real [English] Conservative Party keeps parents and their Scottish Branch in the dark

  1. gavin July 23, 2019 / 12:38 pm

    The Ruthie Party*

    Has, in the last few years
    Backed remaining within the EU, including its fishery policy.
    Backed leaving the EU with the May Deal( though Westminster repeatedly voted it down).
    Will now back the Boris No Deal position (when Ruthie comes out of hiding).

    Has had a manifesto supporting testing children at 5years old, then attacked that very same policy in Holyrood.
    Has bad-mouthed the DUP on its policies on equal marriage and abortion, but then has worked, hand in hand, in partnership with them.

    Supports the people of Hong Kong when they march in favour of democracy, but attack Scots who do the same.
    Are in favour of democracy in Hong Kong, Russia, Zimbabwe et al—but oppose it for Scots.
    Support the people of Hong Kong when attacked by agents of the State (triad gangs) but stay silent when young Scots are attacked by British nationalist supported thugs( the orange order were invited to campaign alongside Labour, Tory and Dumbs) waving Union flags in George Square.

    Agitate against wind turbines in Scotland, but support the same in England.
    Are in favour of an “invisible” border in Ireland, yet insist that the Scottish/English border would consist of barbed wire, border posts and armed guards.

    We read in the colonial press that Ruthie (and her party) are “winning”. If that means lies, burying facts and propaganda from “journalists”, then indeed they are “winning” in the same way as East Germanies Communists were “winning”, and for the same reasons.

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  2. Ludo Thierry July 23, 2019 / 4:24 pm

    Comprehensively poetic!


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