The Better Together shroud-waving on drug deaths toppled over into a carrion-fest


The Better Together shroud waving actually toppled over into a carrion-fest. I heard a tiny bit of Ian Dale’s programme on LBC and heard ‘Orange?’ Cammie frae Kilmarnock report that the Scottish drug’s deaths could be explained “ 3 words (sic) ESS – ENN – PEE” – Ian Dale reverted, sadly, to his right wing tory roots and came out with a pile of tabloid pish so I – thankfully – re-tuned to the Scottish League Cup Group Round coverage and had a much more stimulating and educational listen for the next 90 mins. For a bit of accurate and useful info re. how the SNP Scottish Govt management of Drugs Policy (within its very restricted authority and funding within this Westminster/Whitehall ‘reserved’ policy area) is finding smart ways to tackle the PROFITEERS rather than the users. See the link and snippet below from the Scottish Legal site:

In 2017-18 there were 32,399 recorded drug offences, 84 per cent of which were for possession. Of these, 19 per cent reached court, compared with 29 per cent in England and Wales.

Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC recently told the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee: “In relation to offences of simple possession, I have, through the recorded police warnings scheme and prosecution policy, supported the use of alternatives to prosecution, including diversion.”

Prosecutors tend instead to go after people who profit from drugs.

There were 5,228 recorded crimes related to the drugs trade including supply, importing and cultivation and 5,390 convictions, implying only a fraction of people are convicted for possession alone.

Three per cent of those convicted of drug offences are jailed, most are fined or given a verbal warning or community service.

Police Scotland said: “Drug crime data can be influenced by a number of factors such as trends. While enforcement activity alone is not enough, we will continue to target drug dealers.”


3 thoughts on “The Better Together shroud-waving on drug deaths toppled over into a carrion-fest

  1. tcrosbie20 July 18, 2019 / 8:33 am

    At last a bit of sanity and common sense, the media fest has been nothing short of absolutely disgusting, wtf is all I can what a complete farce, I’m speechless.


  2. Marian Wilson [marwils] July 18, 2019 / 3:07 pm

    Sadly, as I am not a footie follower, I did not change over from Ian Dale on LBC but listen to ‘Cammie’ spout anti Scotish Govt, anti-SNP claptrap not just once but twice as Ian Dale let him rant on and on and on, without one word of interruption.
    I know ID is pretty right wing Tory, but quite often he is fairly balanced in his bias [if that is not too Irish!] Ruth and her toadie Tories would have been ecstatic at such a drubbing x 2, of our country and the SNP.
    I would have had so much more respect for ID if, just once, he had mentioned the much worse stats on health, education, social work, housing, etc., south of the border/ But no. It was kick those verminous Scots – and keep kicking them for what seemed like forever. Any Brownie points he earned referee-ing Tweedledum and Tweeledumber were completely wiped out.

    What makes any Scot kick their country in the teeth like these PSBs?


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