Conservatives FAIL to protect England’s children in care from sexual exploitation!

BBC Newsnight conveniently ‘forget’ that NONE of ‘Britain’s Hidden Children’s Homes’ are in Scotland

I know, this commenting on UK media reporting on England as if it was the UK can get a bit repetitive. Some have worried about my mental health, but I go on.

Fresh from being all-too-interested in Scotland’s drug deaths crisis, we saw the above heading and heard:

‘Police forces have told Newsnight they’re deeply concerned about the number of vulnerable children going missing from unregistered and unchecked accommodation.’

The story went on to report horrific tales of neglect and even sex exploitation from ‘Bedfordshire, one part of England but did not let the viewer know that the report would only be about England.

After extended observation of police activity in Bedfordshire and then Luton, we heard:

‘We surveyed every children’s service department in the UK to find out exactly where all these young people are coming from.’

This is the frame showing the closest we get to any suggestion that Scotland might be involved:

No Scottish cases were offered, and we’re returned to Bedfordshire. Incidents in the South-West and South-East of England are then considered but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland never feature. Despite that, the report finishes with:

‘What’s playing out on these streets (Bedfordshire) is a national problem and calls are growing for a national response. With the use of unregulated homes across the country the police are demanding regulation.’

To finish The Children’s Minister’ is grilled but his England and Wales only remit is never mentioned and the situation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland seems not to matter.

Are there any unregistered homes in Scotland? See this from OFSTED:

Children in residential settings are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse by adults working in those settings who are responsible for their welfare. Yet the Inquiry has noted that there are no professional registration requirements in place for staff, other than social workers, working in children’s homes in England, unlike in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Sarah Smith:

‘It’s very convenient for the SNP to be able to criticise Westminster for this when they have devolved powers to privatise the Scottish care system too but won’t!’


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