Teenage pregnancies plummet under SNP

Though constrained by Tory austerity policies, SNP government initiatives seem to be having some effect on reducing teenage pregnancies, one of the clearest indicators of wider social problems. In particular, there is good news on the gap between the most and least deprived areas:

The absolute gap in teenage pregnancy rates between the most and least deprived areas is narrowing. While rates have reduced across all levels of deprivation in recent years, rates in the most deprived areas have fallen more.



The rate of teenage pregnancies correlates strongly with levels of inequality and, based on the above 2009 figures for the UK, the Scottish level has been falling fast from around 55 per 100 000, under Labour and well above the UK rate, to around the UK rate and moving below it by 2019.

While multiple factors will explain this trend, the Scottish Government can reasonably claim some credit. See:



3 thoughts on “Teenage pregnancies plummet under SNP

  1. Bugger le Panda July 2, 2019 / 12:38 pm

    Pity we couldn’t redraw the Intl comparison graph as it looks like, on my new improved Chinese knock-off smartphone that Scotland is about in Scandinavian territory.

    Mind you my glasses need upgraded now that I cannot blame everything on the phone.


  2. Legerwood July 2, 2019 / 4:10 pm

    You know how this will be reported don’t you? ‘Scottish Government putting young people off sex’

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