Scottish Tories hypocrites? No, surely not, again?

Hearing that ministers used their chauffeur-driven vehicles for a journey that takes less than 15 minutes by foot, Scottish Tory shadow environment secretary Maurice Golden said:

‘This proves that Nicola Sturgeon’s climate emergency was a gimmick above all else. When push comes to shove, her own ministers clearly have no intention of signing up to it. The voters can see right through this nationalist con.’

Maurice is a strange ‘environment secretary’ by any standards. In 2016 he spoke in favour of fracking and described its opponents as a ‘left-wing cabal.’ Willie Rennie is alleged to have muttered: ‘Don’t you call me left-wing, pal!’

And, back in March 2019, we saw this exposure of Tory double-standards from research by the Greens:

‘Scottish Greens Environment spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP has accused Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MSPs of duplicity, claiming their opposition to the devolution of workplace parking levy powers to councils was largely borne out of self-interest. Mr Ruskell made the claims after obtaining figures from the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body showing that MSPs from the three parties use the Holyrood car park substantially more than others. The figures reveal that over a four-week period commencing 7 January 2019, 64 MSPs used the car park at least once. Over the period 74% of Tory, 61% of Labour, and 60% of Lib Dem MSPs brought their car to parliament. This compares to 37% of SNP MSPs. No Green MSPs used the car park.’





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