Former Scotsman writer finds his niche


Did everyone notice what a total roaster of a Brexit party MEP the good folks of N.E. England managed to elect themselves last week? – Yes – it is the same Brian Monteith (now resident in the south of France) who was too ghastly for even the Scottish Tories to tolerate. Link and snippets below: (I feel sorry for the good folks of N.E. England but it’s not as if they weren’t warned about him).

In an interview conducted by the Chronicle, the MEP candidate didn’t clarify that he would relocate to the North East should he win the election, or even whether he would move back to the United Kingdom should a no-deal Brexit be enacted.

In response to being asked whether it is important for an MEP candidate in the North East to be from that part of the country, Monteith said that “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to be from here… This is about Europe”.

(Bit of extra info to jog the memory: The Scottish Conservative Party withdrew the whip from Brian Monteith when it emerged that he had been briefing the media against the then Scottish Conservative leader David McLetchie regarding questions over McLetchie’s £11,500 of claims for taxi expenses.

In 2006 Monteith announced he would not stand again as an MSP, saying he “would rather return to commerce than be a one-man band swimming against the treacly tide of collectivism in the Scottish Parliament”).

Truly the Brexit world is barmy.

Earlier lies of Brian:


4 thoughts on “Former Scotsman writer finds his niche

  1. tcrosbie20 May 27, 2019 / 6:57 pm

    Who the hell votes for this morons ? Honestly I have no sympathy for the idiots that voted for this tube, wtf is wrong with people, you shall reap what you sow, i feel sorry for the poor deluded morons who voted for that idiot.

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  2. gavin May 27, 2019 / 7:20 pm

    He lives in the South of France, yet writes for the Hootsman, once a newpaper.

    He would make more sense if he wrote in Occitan.

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  3. Terry callachan May 28, 2019 / 5:28 am

    Thanks for the clarity, I heard him being interviewed on tv recognized a Scottish accent and when they referred to him as the MEP for the north east I assumed it was for north east Scotland what a twerp he is , when challenged about him living in France and yet presenting a case for the UK leaving membership of the EU his response was “ but we would still all be Europeans “ ? How much of a message does that give of his understanding of (1) being a European and (2) being a member of the EU , give out .
    Thanks for the clarity I’m so happy he is not after all an MEP for north east Scotland

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