BBC gives you a quick early morning anxiety dose based on NOTHING about Police Scotland


SOME victims of a crime known as revenge porn say they’re being ignored, rejected and humiliated by Police Scotland, ‘A NUMBER of women have told the BBC they were not taken seriously by officers when making complaints.’

In Reporting Scotland’s typically dumbed-down, fact-free, tabloid style, ‘some’ becomes one as we hear from a single self-confirmed victim. At the end:

Well Police Scotland say no formal complaints have been made…’

So, our ‘public service broadcaster’ once more ignores its own editorial guidelines recommending that it verify the information it broadcasts and, in the critical absence of any formal complaints, chooses to give time to one self-confirmed victim of crime who has inexplicably not bothered to report it formally. This is of course not news of any informative value for the public which pays for that same service. It is also news within a long-standing agenda which undermines wider perceptions of Scotland and its institutions.

See these for a fuller explanation of likely effects:

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One thought on “BBC gives you a quick early morning anxiety dose based on NOTHING about Police Scotland

  1. David May 23, 2019 / 8:30 am

    Good work John.
    You would think they would be embarrassed at putting out this sort of none story.

    Liked by 1 person

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