Survation/Daily Mail EU Sub-poll puts SNP at 50% and Farage at 6%. How will they spin that?


No surprise, they don’t mention Scotland at all. With a sample size of 1 000, over-18s only, but a tiny Scottish sub-sample of 58, on 17th May, we get:


So, it’s not reliable at all on its own and with Labour at 25%, seems a bit more out-there. Regarding the SNP and Brexit figures, the Ipsos MORI one for 10th to 14th May 2019 gave:

  • Con 7%
  • Lab 16%
  • LibDem16%
  • SNP 42%
  • Green 8%
  • UKIP 2%
  • Brexit 8%

6% or 8%, it matters little to the MSM of course:



2 thoughts on “Survation/Daily Mail EU Sub-poll puts SNP at 50% and Farage at 6%. How will they spin that?

  1. William Henderson May 18, 2019 / 9:35 am

    “Nigel Farage says Scottish independence within EU is ‘most dishonest discourse I’ve ever seen’ ”

    Message to Mr Farage – Look at the polls. This is none of your business!!! Remember, too, that we Scots are your close cousins and share many of our values with the peoples of England. In particular, we really do not care for domination by others.

    Oh, and another wee point – Discourses are heard, not seen.

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  2. Del G May 18, 2019 / 8:20 pm

    I took part in that Ipsos Mori poll. Of course it only asked questions about the three “Important” parties, Con, Lab and LD. Frustrating to be able to discuss the incompetence of all three without the ability to discuss how the SNP might handle matters in Westminster, if asked!
    One point from the stats: the percentage of AB people supporting the SNP is much lower than for other parties. How can the SNP address that demographic? It’s important if they want to persuade ‘no’ voters to change their minds in a second indyref campaign.


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