Not Reporting Scotland: 8% of the population but 85% of independent renewables projects are in Scotland


There’s another headline Reporting Scotland should have chosen. With a somewhat under-stated headline, Power Technology, reported today:

‘Scotland led investment in independent renewable projects in Great Britain (GB) last year, according to the seventh annual Energy Entrepreneurs report by energy group SmartestEnergy. Out of the £158m invested in 80 projects across GB in 2018, more than £116m was invested in Scotland (73.4%). The report found that 85% of new, independent renewable projects were established in Scotland. Out of a total of 329MW of new installations, 276MW was added in Scotland, compared with 49MW in England and 4MW in Wales. There are 1,239 independent renewable projects in Scotland which generate £500m worth of electricity per year. Scotland is also a leader in independent energy storage, with a 36% share of the 4.9GW in the energy storage planning system.’


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