‘Total weeks away from start-up of one of UK’s largest gas fields’ in Scottish waters?

culzean1 culzean2

 There’s no mention at all of Scotland in this exciting, for the UK Treasury, Energy Voice report. I wonder, where is the Culzean field?

‘Culzean is a high-pressure / high-temperature (HP/HT) gas field located in Block 22/25a (License P111) of the UK continental shelf (UKCS), around 145 miles east of Aberdeen at a water depth of approximately 90m.’


145 miles east of Aberdeen. That’ll be in Scottish waters even after the Brown/Blair realignment?

‘Energy giant Total has said it is just weeks away from starting up production at one of the UK’s largest offshore gas fields. Total has been working towards first production from the Culzean “mega-project” in the central North Sea, which is expected to produce 5% of the UK’s total gas demand at its peak.…It was the largest UK gas field to be given the go-ahead in 25 years when it was sanctioned in 2015….Total is currently the largest producer in the UK North Sea….Total is planning to drill new wells at the Isabella prospect in the Central North Sea, Aspen in the southern sector and a new well in its Alwyn area in the Northern North Sea…. “It is an exciting time to be working in the UK and I’m proud to lead our company here.”’


5% of the UK’s total gas demand at its peak? All of Scotland’s?


2 thoughts on “‘Total weeks away from start-up of one of UK’s largest gas fields’ in Scottish waters?

  1. Ludo Thierry May 8, 2019 / 4:32 pm

    Hi John et al. Also some further evidence of consistent positive trends in Scottish labour productivity stats released on news.gov.scot site today. Link and snippets below:


    Estimates of labour productivity for Scotland’s onshore economy up to the fourth quarter of 2018 (October-December) were announced today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

    Key figures in the latest release are:

    • in 2018 Quarter 4, labour productivity in Scotland, measured by output per hour worked, has increased by 2.3% in real terms (inflation adjusted) compared to the same quarter last year

    • compared to the previous quarter, labour productivity is estimated to have grown by 0.5% in 2018 Quarter 4, following zero growth (0.0%) in the previous quarter

    • in 2018, annual labour productivity increased by 3.8% compared to 2017

    Labour productivity measures the average amount of economic output that is produced by a unit of labour input (measured in this release in terms of jobs and hours worked).

    NOTE: These are complex stats and worth clicking on the link in the article to get useful graphs and charts. Boil it down – the ‘baseline’ year for collecting the stats is 2007 (when SNP Scottish Govt elected) – The ‘baseline’ year measurement for all 3 categories = 100 (Gross Value Added = 100, Output per hour = 100, Output per job = 100). Over intervening years consistent upward trends achieved in all 3 areas and values for 2018 = GVA (108.3), Output per hour (110.8), Output per job (109.3). The consistent upward trend is indicative of a positive climate for economic output being achieved during the successive SNP Scottish Govt terms of office.

    Too wee – NO. Too poor – NO. Too stupid – NO. – Let’s get ourselves Indy folks – lots of good stuff needing to be done (pronto) in this (beautiful, wonderful but mistreated) old world of ours – and being held back by Westminster/Whitehall elite sclerosis and greed is doing no-one any good at all.


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