Scotland’s college-to-university access strategy booming!


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BBC Scotland have let through another piece of good news regarding Scottish Govt’s ‘joined up’ public policy framework – this time Higher Education. Link and snippets below:

A growing proportion of university students are arriving straight from Scottish colleges, new figures suggest.

Statistics from the Scottish Funding Council show that 26% of new undergraduates from Scotland have previously attended college.

Colleges play an important role in efforts to widen access to higher education.

Sometimes graduates are able to join the second or third year of a university course.

In total, about 4,000 students who started university courses in Scotland during the current academic year came straight from colleges.

The minister for further and higher education, Richard Lochhead, said: “I am pleased to see more students entering university having gained a qualification at college, with today’s figures showing nearly 2,000 full-time first degree entrants coming from the most deprived areas in 2017-18.

Shona Struthers, chief executive of Colleges Scotland, said: “Colleges have an intrinsic role in widening access and this report confirms that an increase to over 26% of first degree entrants in 2017-18 had obtained a college qualification before enrolling at a university.

“The overall figures show an increase of more than 10% in the past four years in the number of college students moving directly to second or third year at university.

“Colleges also improve life opportunities for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds by significantly contributing to fairer access.”

The Scottish government expects a fifth of new students at each university to come from the most disadvantaged geographical areas of Scotland by 2030.

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One thought on “Scotland’s college-to-university access strategy booming!

  1. Legerwood April 30, 2019 / 9:46 pm

    Re the last link. UCAS in their 2018 report on University applications analysed all the applications from each part of the UK using their Polar3 criteria for defining advantaged /disadvantaged groups. They did the analysis over the 12 years 2006- 2018. As UCAS make clear in the report they only deal with 2 thirds of the applications to Scottish Unis.

    Go to the link below and scroll down past a raft of individual reports to get the Analysis report (3.86 MB)
    Makes for interesting reading and shows the progress the SG has made in closing the gap.


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