I know, I know, is it your party to blame Miles?


I don’t think we need to wait for answers, do we? Here are just two big ones:

Unregulated Social Media

Despite the concerns around the negative effects of some forms of social media now associated with suicide, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and obsessive materialist behaviour, your party has done nothing to control the rapacious companies responsible because, in the end, Tories prefer unregulated markets where they and their cronies can make money unfettered by any constraints.

Low wages

‘No developed OECD nation other than Greece has suffered such a fall in workers’ real wages as Britain: among our younger fellow citizens, the decline has been even more acute. According to a social mobility commission report last year – commissioned by the government itself – hourly pay for young workers has slumped by 15% since the crash.’


And, why have the Tories done nothing about these things? Because they know they don’t need to. Young people are less and less likely to vote Tory because they recognise the foul smell coming from their policies, protecting the rich, harming the poor and making money out of bombing the civilian populations of other countries.

Wait, could that SNP Government do something?




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