UPDATE: SNP Government only spending 3% of its newspaper bill on Nationalist rags!


In response to an anonymous Freedom of Inquiry request about how much the Scottish Government spends on the National, we find:


The wee diggers don’t, of course, ask how much is spent on the more expensive Herald and Scotsman but at £32.76 for six days of the Herald times 9 copies plus £6.93 for the Sunday Herald times 4, we get total expenditure of £294.84 plus £20.79 or £315.63! Who knows if they get the Scotsman, the FT, the Guardian and others too? Being kind, I’d guess a weekly paper bill of more than £1 000.

So, £50 on pro-Indy newspapers and 20 times or more on the Unionist ones?

NO, SHOCK UPDATE, they spent £74 620.82p in 2018 on newspapers. See this for full list:


So, that would be £1492 a week and so 75 times as much as they do on the only Nat rag?





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