Scottish Labour disappointed to find Scotland has TWICE the number of firefighters per head


Labour’s Neil ‘Eton Rifles’ Findlay calls for Richard Leonard to condemn private schooling

From a parliamentary question yesterday:

More burning issues reported here:

Wake-up Reevel! Scotland has nearly twice the number of firefighters per head of population as England and deaths are falling

March 26, 2019johnrobertson8348 Comments

Once again Reevel Alderson looked positively uncomfortable as Jackie bird tried to get some vim and vigour into his report of another supposed crisis in public services. This time it is volunteer and retained firefighters whose numbers are falling. Driven…

BBC Complaint re inaccurate report on Police & Fire Review

March 25, 2019johnrobertson8347 Comments

I often tire of this but I won’t let the liars lie.

BBC Scotland with Tories INSERTS LIES about ‘systemic problems’ as Police and Fire reform leads to actual and major benefits

March 25, 2019johnrobertson834Leave a comment

The report does not use the word ‘systemic’ to indicate any deep, pervasive, problem, at all. It’s not a word you bandy around unless you can really back it up with hard evidence. Only Justice committee convener Margaret Mitchell MSP…

News of improved fire safety standards for Scottish homes but all quiet in the home of Grenfell Tower

February 4, 2019johnrobertson8342 Comments

From the Scottish Government news website: ‘New rules to reduce deaths in household fires have been announced today, with improved standards introduced for fire and smoke alarms in Scottish homes.  The improved standards will mean every home in the country…

Vital fire safety checks nearly twice as common in Scotland as in post-Grenfell, Tory-led England

December 21, 2018johnrobertson8341 Comment

From BBC UK News today: ‘Fire safety checks across England have fallen by 42% over the last seven years, according to the new watchdog for fire and rescue services. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Services says brigades do…

Major reductions in anti-social behaviour in Scotland at Hallowe-en and on Bonfire Night with no officers injured

November 7, 2018johnrobertson8345 Comments

You’d never know it from our Nomedia, but Hallowe’en and Bonfire nights in 2018 saw reductions in calls to the police including a massive 87% reduction for crimes involving fireworks. My house was ‘egged’, just the one, at Hallowe’en, so…

BBC Scotland’s dishonest reporting of firefighter shortages in Aberdeen

August 10, 2018johnrobertson83416 Comments

(Image: Alistair Linford) BBC Scotland news have been making much of their recent discovery that: ‘Three Aberdeen fire engines stood down due to staffing problems’ The headline is quite dishonest and tabloid-like in its attempt to scare. In fact, one…

Scotland’s ‘already more advanced’ fire sprinkler legislation to be further enhanced but the story lacks the kind of news values Reporting Scotland’s editor requires

June 21, 2018johnrobertson8341 Comment

(c) From the Scottish Government site today: ‘Legislation to make sprinkler systems compulsory in new social housing is to be taken forward. Housing Minister Kevin Stewart confirmed that the Scottish Government will take forward David Stewart MSP’s proposal for…



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