8% of the population and 34% of the natural resources



You’ll get quite a competent piece of journalism elaborating on the above, at:


Some recent 8%s:

8% of the population but 28.5% of the wind-powered electricity

March 16, 2019johnrobertson8343 Comments

The UK as a whole generates up to 20 000 MW with wind power, on a good day, on and offshore. Scotland generates up 5 700 MW. I suspect Scotland does it more reliably due to more windy days but…

8% of the population but 20% of the space jobs!

March 15, 2019johnrobertson8344 Comments

Set phasers tae Malky! From the Scottish Government’s Space Exploration and Affordable Housing Department today: ‘Scotland’s space sector could be worth £4 billion by 2030, Innovation Minister Ivan McKee said today. Speaking during a parliamentary debate on Scotland’s space sector…

Return of the meme! 8% of the population but 38% of the food and drink exports. How would Scotland survive?

March 15, 2019johnrobertson8343 Comments

(c) SBNN In Insider today: ‘Value of whisky exports rises 7.8% as Scotland’s food and drink sold abroad brings in record £6.3 billion. Total exports increased by £293 million in 2018, a 4.9% rise, according to HMRC. Food exports have…



2 thoughts on “8% of the population and 34% of the natural resources

  1. Alasdair Macdonald March 23, 2019 / 1:21 pm

    This is the reason that the Global financial clique mainly based in the money laundering centre of the world in the City of London and around Canary Wharf via their agents in Whitehall and Westminster do not want to allow independence for Scotland. It is these assets which underpin the pound sterling. If we go then the pound goes down the plug hole. If we go and we are not allowed to use the pound then we leave with no debts.

    Of course, we are told that we are too wee and too poor to exist as an independent country and the biggest proportion of Scots who are saying this are Scots who are wealthier than average. They have ‘invested’ in the UK state and have a stake in seeing its asset base not shrink, despite the fact that the same asset base is substantially located here in Scotland. I recall during 2014 a very posh, but Scottish accented, woman calling the BBCScotland phone in to tell us angrily and arrogantly that she was looking at a live feed from the London Stock Exchange and was seeing share prices falling, “What right do uneducated people in Pilton, Easterhose and Dundee have to cause MY WEALTH to shrink?” Essentially she was saying it s OUR country and ‘OUR’ does not mean scumbags like you. This is what BRITAIN means. It is assuredly not an inclusive nation.

    From the other side, Labour wants these resources to redistribute amongst its supporters in England. Undoubtedly, the intend to give some to the people of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland…… but not too much. All people are equal, but some are more equal than others, so since the Scots – ungrateful basturts – have stopped voting in shedloads for Labour, then the buggers are not going to get a bigger share of what has been ‘pooled’. And, even if they do cease this ‘mass delusion’ (former Lord Provost Michael Kelly) and start voting for us again, we will still keep them on the edge just in case they start getting ideas above their station.

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  2. Ludo Thierry March 25, 2019 / 5:21 pm

    News.gov.scot is carrying a short piece but with some extra detail not carried in the Evening Express article – Note particularly the successful programme of Scottish Water to reduce leakage resulting Scottish water achieving a record low in water abstraction. Notice also the dramatic increases in allowable fish catch (which Bertie Armstrong seems remarkably reticent to comment on whenever I hear him on the airwaves – Also begs multiple questions about whether, in the absence of EU CFP tough management decisions over many years, this bounty would have been available to harvest on a sustainable basis today?) Also note the sustained rise in timber production. These things don’t happen by accident – they happen with major assistance from a Scotland focussed SNP Scottish Govt doing joined up govt. across the entire raft of policy areas over which they can exercise some influence. Snippets and link below:


    An Experimental Statistics Publication for Scotland.

    A comprehensive assessment has been carried out for the first time of the monetary value of Scotland’s natural capital.

    The assessment has discovered that in 2015 the asset value of Scottish natural capital was an estimated £273 billion.

    This figure equates to 34% of the total UK asset valuation for natural capital.

    A quarter of the asset value was attributable to items not directly captured in gross domestic product, namely carbon sequestration, pollutant removal and recreation.

    The assessment includes information on ten ecosystem services: agricultural biomass, fish capture, timber, water abstraction, mineral production, oil and gas production, renewable energy generation, carbon sequestration, air pollutant removal, and recreation.

    Accounting for natural capital is important as many of the most valuable services it provides are intangible. This means that they are often not captured in conventional measures of economic activity.

    Other results include:
    • • Fish capture in Scottish waters rose by over two-thirds between 2003 and 2016.
    • • Scottish timber production nearly doubled from 1997 to 2017.
    • • During 2017 water abstraction for public water supply in Scotland fell to its lowest level in the series history, partly due to less leakage.
    • • In 2017 oil and gas production in Scotland more than halved from 1998 levels.
    • • In 2017 five times as much energy was produced from renewable sources in Scotland than was produced in 2000.
    • • Between 2009 and 2017 annual outdoor recreation time spent per person was 56 hours (65%) higher in Scotland than the UK average.
    • • Average spend per visit on outdoor recreation in Scotland was £1.14 between 2009 and 2017, 43% lower than the UK (£1.99).


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