SHOCK as TWO head teachers resign from Scottish Government panel for boring reason


I caught the big eejit hiding from reporters in here.

We don’t know which opposition education spokesperson or correspondent took their turn to make this freedom of information request: 

FOI reference: FOI/19/00478
Date received: 13 Feb 2019
Date responded: 12 Mar 2019

Information requested
How many resignations have there been from the Teacher Panel in each of the last three calendar years?

Please provide any information regarding the resignations including the reasons for the resignation, any statements or letters providing the reason for resignation, and any comments offered by the person resigning.


Oooh, mibbe they resigned in protest against that big Swinney brute?

The puir wee soul can only have been upset to get this news. Both head teachers had clearly improved their CVs by being on the panel thus enabling them to get better paid jobs. Still better luck next time smelly wee burrowers.



2 thoughts on “SHOCK as TWO head teachers resign from Scottish Government panel for boring reason

  1. gavin March 14, 2019 / 3:31 pm

    Why is Flee’ian Gray hingin’ aboot toilets?

    Iain could have been a “contender” except for his moment of panic outside a sandwich shop.
    In the long slow decline of Scottish Labour, people seen as figures of fun like Gray, are every bit as culpable for that decline as incompetents (take your pick) and North Brit Nats like Spud Murphy.

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