SNP Government to fund UK’s biggest carbon capture study five years after Tory betrayal


The most likely location at Peterhead

In Energy Voice yesterday

‘Scotland is to plough a six-figure investment of pubic (sic) money into the UK’s biggest ever carbon capture and storage (CCS) research study. The Scottish Government, the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and Scottish Enterprise confirmed last night they will each commit £50,000 in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and halt climate change. The £150k fund will go toward the formation of a research partnership involving several Scottish universities, including Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University (RGU). The cash injection also aims to bring together industry and government through the Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) knowledge exchange partnership.’

A quick explanation and link:




2 thoughts on “SNP Government to fund UK’s biggest carbon capture study five years after Tory betrayal

  1. Legerwood February 15, 2019 / 1:10 pm

    A CCS scheme in Canada went ‘live’s in 2014. It is the Boundary Dam CCS in Saskatchewan Boundary Dam was an old coal-fired power station which was re-furbished and converted to CCS. Funding came from the provincial government and oil companies. The latter buy some of the captured CO2 and pump it to the nearby oil fields to use it to get more oil out. I think the flue ash is used to make concrete. Initial technical difficulties seem to have been resolved.

    Cost of the refurbishment and conversion was $1.5 Billion Canadian Dollars around £1Billion.


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