Will Douglas Fraser be one of the ‘pessimists swept away’ or even ‘a bear who gets out of the way?’




I can’t hide my feelings either

Will Reporting Scotland tell us that ‘hedge funds are slashing their bets’ on Scotland’s oil prices falling?

There are some great headlines there and below with bull and bear graphics, designed for anyone….other than the folk at Reporting Scotland.

In Live Mint today:

Crude oil’s rally is starting to sweep away the pessimists. After starting 2019 on a cautious tone, hedge funds last week slashed bets on falling Brent crude prices to the lowest level since mid-November, as they looked to get out the way of a recovery that pushed oil back into a bull market. Wagers on increasing prices climbed the most in a month. The global benchmark surged last week, as the U.S. and China made progress in trade talks and Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its commitment to head off a supply glut. Money managers have turned alternately bullish and bearish on the rally in recent weeks, but the evidence for a sustained move higher is getting harder to ignore, said Mark Waggoner, president of Oregon brokerage Excel Futures Inc. Brent has gained more than 20 percent since hitting an 18-month low in late December. Brent net-long positions — the difference between bullish and bearish wagers — climbed 3.8 percent to 158,146 options and futures contracts in the week ending Jan. 8, the ICE Futures Europe exchange said on Friday.’


After reading that, did you want to don a pinstripe and red braces, run through an office and slam-dunk a ball into a net? I kind of did. I’ve already slashed my bets.

Smile Douglas!

‘Ah, but…’


Footnote: I’m not suggesting that Fraser should be ‘put out to grass.’ He’s one of the Yes campaign’s more useful sleepers.


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