BBC Lollipop Link conspiracy exposed by Ludo
From TuS Confectionery Consultant Ludo Thierry

Beeb Jockland seem keen to tell us that we’re over-fond of our lollipops in Scotland hence our (demonstrably over-stated) Beeb epidemic of ‘scottish’ morbid/super obesity. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to note that the ‘real’ Beeb on their ‘real’ UK politics page carry a story about numerous local authorities reducing their numbers of Lollipop folk in which the author actually takes the trouble to notice that there appears to be some difference in approach north and south of the border. Perhaps another example of ‘divergence’ in public priorities across these islands? Link and snippets below:

Schoolchildren safety fear over fewer lollipop men and women

By Laurence Sleator BBC Political Research Unit

Safety campaigners say cuts to the number of lollipop men and women near schools are “jeopardising lives”.

The number of them funded by councils in Great Britain has fallen by 1,500, almost a quarter, in five years, figures obtained by the BBC show.

The Scottish council of Midlothian was one of the few to increase the number of wardens it has available, with numbers jumping 20% from 54 in 2013 to 65.

Of the nine councils to have revealed an increase in staff, five were in Scotland.

Ed: Do fewer lollipop operatives mean fewer children prepared to walk to school thus increasing level of child obesity crisis? Is the SNP to blame?


One thought on “BBC Lollipop Link conspiracy exposed by Ludo

  1. Ludo Thierry December 18, 2018 / 5:45 pm

    Breaking News – Further intensive research by the TUS Political Research Unit (well – me grabbing a coffee and having a quick scan at the beeb news site) has revealed a potentially worrying ‘peanut’ aspect to beeb Jockland’s ‘Scottish obesity’ obsession. We learn from beeb Jockland site that the Libby Dems have been fined only £500 (ie peanuts) for their ‘inaccurate’ and ‘lacking transpareny’ reporting of their expenditure during the last Scottish Election. See link and snippets below:

    Lib Dems fined £500 over spending returns

    The Scottish Liberal Democrats have been fined £500 for failing to deliver an accurate spending return for the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.

    The Electoral Commission said the party had aggregated some payments rather than declaring each one individually.

    It was therefore not possible to identify some payments, resulting in less transparency.

    The party had previously said there was no substance to the claim, with Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable describing it as “mischief”.

    Bob Posner, director of political finance and regulation at the Electoral Commission, said: “Political parties and campaigners must provide accurate and transparent spending returns so that they can be scrutinised by voters.

    “In this case, the party aggregated some payments rather than declaring each payment individually as required by the law.

    “As a result it was not possible to identify some of them, resulting in less transparency.”

    NOTE 1: Now that the transgression has been proven to have substance and the complaints demonstrably having foundation can we anticipate a rapid apology to the Scottish Nation from Libby Dem interim ‘leader’ (Sir) Vince Cable regarding his dismissal of the justified complaints as “mischief”? – No – I don’t suppose we can.

    NOTE 2: Funny how the Libby Dems can attempt to mislead the Scottish voting public with their inaccurate election returns and be fined a mere £500 whilst Wings put in a referendum spending return with all the correct figures but lacking the particular ‘style’ of receipt required for a handful of items and were fined – from memory – £750. Fairness? – What idiot mentioned ‘fairness’? – This is Scotland under the Union we’re discussing here.

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