BBC Scotland look up a ‘blind siding’ just as Labour and Tories collude to betray Scottish fisheries

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This appeared on Friday 14th. We’re grateful to reader Scott for alerting us to it. Here’s the main part:

‘Scottish Labour MP criticised for joining forces with the Tories to vote down a key amendment to the Fisheries Bill which would have required UK government ministers getting consent from Holyrood over fishing opportunities, rather than being able to bypass them.

As it stands, the Fisheries Bill would only require UK government ministers to inform and consult Scottish ministers but would give no meaningful say or veto to Holyrood over protecting Scotland’s fishing interests.

Brendan O’Hara MP (pictured), who sits on the Public Bill Committee which has been scrutinising the Bill, warned that the move was another dangerous shift towards a Westminster Brexit power grab, and the reality that Scottish Labour MPs are working with Scottish Tory MPs to sell-out Scotland’s economic interests and industries.

The amendment – proposed by SNP MPs Brendan O’Hara and Alan Brown – was voted down at the Public Bill Committee considering the UK Fisheries Bill, including by Labour’s Paul Sweeney MP.’

The story has all the expected features of a headline story – national importance, contemporary relevance, shock, betrayal, hypocrisy. Journalists love that kind of thing, don’t they?

It hasn’t made any of the TV broadcasts to my knowledge and it fails to make the BBC Scotland News website today. Parochial or whit? The FM and EU just make it into the bottom right-hand corner:


BBC UK do better:


BBC Scotland have been very keen on the ‘Brexit and Scottish Fisheries’ topic before:

fishing1.png fishing2 fishing3

fsihnig4 fishing5

 So, just as the underlying narrative switches from Scottish Conservatives (pretend to) fight to protect Scottish fisheries to Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour MPs collude to betray Scottish Fisheries, they’re looking the other way, up a railway track in the hope of a delay. I name the concept ‘Bias by Recoil.’





6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland look up a ‘blind siding’ just as Labour and Tories collude to betray Scottish fisheries

  1. Bugger (the Panda) December 17, 2018 / 1:19 pm

    How long until the pressure pot that is this disgraceful treason, blows up.

    French are there already

    Where I live in France has 22 fixed radar speed traps, basically used to collect money.

    French call it Fiscalisatio details later Rue.

    21 if the 22 were just destroyed overnight

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  2. Contrary December 17, 2018 / 10:22 pm

    Labour people have no principles, the party has no principles.

    It was funny watching Tony Benn, he had principles despite being mega posh, and believed in democracy. That was one of the things he emphasised – principles and whether a person sticks to them or not. I thought my impression of Tony Benn came from the cartoon Mr Benn and so it would be totally erroneous (outrageous propaganda for children), but he’s kinda likeable. Anyway, changed days. Labour are the biggest pile of scum going these days. The Tories are full-on vicious scumbags, but they’ve never had principles, so haven’t actually let anyone down. All of them are conniving, self-serving, unprincipled, power hungry, idiots that are working against the interests of the people they are meant to serve. I was so glad labour got ousted from Glasgow city council, they’ve been milking it for years. We need stricter laws!

    Why do people vote for them though?

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    • Mrs. Margaret Laird December 18, 2018 / 2:36 am

      They vote for them because it has been ingrained in them over the years. Years ago labour voters thought that this was the socialist party who would be for the ordinary working class. Tories never was or never will be for the working class, despite all their ramblings about being an inclusive party.( don’t make me laugh ) it’s full of millionaire toffs who don’t give a monkey’s about ordinary people’s lives. How can they because they haven’t a clue how the other half live. The SNP years and years ago used to be dubbed the Tories in kilts when they were more right wing, or so the media told us. The SNP are the ONLY party who have Scotland’s interests at heart. I go th England sometimes and they wish they had someone like Nicola Sturgeon and are envious of all the benefits we have in Scotland, although some of them think THEY are subsidising US ( mostly Tories ). We should be rightly proud of our country, the SNP and nicola sturgeon. We absolutely MUST get our Independence or this wee country of ours goes down the proverbial swanee.

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