25% increase in number of nurses to work with young people needing mental health services


Yesterday, Reporting Scotland announced:

Almost one third of young people who need access to mental health services are waiting longer than they should’ and ‘There was a slight improvement.’

The actual figure reported was 69% seen within 18 weeks, up from 67.5% in the previous quarter so the headline could have been:

‘Almost 70% of young people who need access to mental health services are seen on time’

Why is a 2% gap ‘almost one third’ and a 1.5% increase only ‘a slight improvement?’ Is this a manifestation of an agenda, even a subconscious one?

Though we hear precisely the 90% target figure, we do not hear of the ‘almost 70%’. To exclude only that detail, along with the choice of ‘almost’ and of ‘slight’ can only suggest a clear agenda. Is there a danger for them that the average viewer might think ‘70%, not bad, eh? I dreamed of 70%. An A?’

The report from ISD, yesterday has several optimistic signs ignored by Reporting Scotland:

  • Half of patients seen within only 12 weeks
  • Four boards hit the 90% target
  • 7% more nurses in one year
  • 4% more nurses since new minister appointed
  • Below average staff vacancies


Choice of language to maximise negativity and the selective omission of facts not conducive to a narrative of failure, indicates a clear political agenda to undermine SNP Government.


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