Encouraged by SNP policy initiatives, Scottish trade mark registrations up 26% in one year!


From Insider today:

UK trade mark applications from Scotland have risen by a quarter in the past year despite Brexit fears. Recent data from the Intellectual Property Office shows that trade mark applications from north of the border rose from 2,736 in 2016 to 3,417 in 2017 (24.8 per cent), while registrations increased from 2,288 to 2,883 (26 per cent) in the same period. This represents a significant increase on last year’s figures which saw applications rise from 2,448 in 2015 to 2,736 in 2016 (11.7 per cent), with registrations increasing from 2,013 to 2,288 (13.6 per cent) in the same period. Likewise, the data indicates a healthy patenting picture, with Scottish applications rising from 753 in 2016 to 855 in 2017 (13.5 per cent), and 281 published in 2016 compared to 2017’s 303 (7.8 per cent). A total of 157 Scottish patents were granted in 2017 – marking a 21.7 per cent rise on the previous year’s total of 129.’


This is a good sign of both underlying strength and potential in the Scottish economy. We have seen other signs recently:

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The role of the SNP’s economic policies and initiatives in laying a fertile bed for at least some of such enterprise can be seen here:

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