Scottish student nurse and midwifery numbers reach record high as they plummet in Toryland


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We’ve already heard of developments in NHS England:

Nursing course applications fall for second year after student bursary scrapped. Applications to study nursing in England have fallen for a second year, dropping by a third since the Government removed bursaries in 2017 requiring nurses and midwives to pay £9,000 a year in fees. UCAS figures for the first wave of applicants hoping to start university courses in September 2018 show that the number of students wanting to study NHS nursing have again fallen sharply, by 13 per cent on last year.

In sharp contrast to these tragic events caused by stupid Tory politicians, yet admired by those ‘clever’, ‘Scottish’, neo-liberal, ‘economists’ at FANNI, we see that SNP policies have had these results:

Student nursing and midwifery places will increase for the seventh consecutive year, reaching record levels, with the intake rising by 7.6% to more than 4,000. As announced by the First Minister in October, all eligible nursing and midwifery students across Scotland will benefit from an increased bursary in 2019/20, rising to £10,000 a year in 2020/21. Upping intake for the 2019/20 academic year is one of a number of measures to support the sustained recruitment and retention of NHS staff. In addition to the increase in student places, almost 460 former nurses and midwives have signed up to retrain through the Return to Practice programme, since 2015. The Scottish Government is also funding the Open University to deliver a pre-registration programme, currently supporting around 116 nursing students.’

I’m sure the SNP must be doing something wrong here. Worry not, that Richard Leonard will have his question ready:

‘Will the First minister take steps to increase the number of student nurses in line with Wales?’



4 thoughts on “Scottish student nurse and midwifery numbers reach record high as they plummet in Toryland

  1. William Henderson November 10, 2018 / 8:16 am

    Aye, that SNP Government will have to be stopped! How dare they show the people that the support or destruction of the NHS is a matter of political choice.

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  2. Robert Galloway November 11, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    Good news,not recognised by London branch parties in Scotland and Wastemonster.,or the pratling of Carlaw.It is about high time these dafties came up with something positive,perhaps,they could be resonsible for paying debts for School building,for the bedroom tax,the rape law,and the behaveral law. They should step a side from the councils,they had no manifesto to run councils. The S.G.are doing their best,with an arm and a leg tied behind their back.No resources going south would improve the situation beyond doubt. Save resources being wasted. Doing their bit for Scotland,s N.H.S.


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