Does SNP government reduce craving for fags?


Late Labour Leader Chic ‘Humphyback’ Bogie

The number of quit attempts made with the help of NHS Scotland smoking cessation services in 2017/18 fell for the sixth consecutive year to 55,369. This is a 7.4% decrease from 2016/17 and there was a 54.4% decrease since 2011/12 when numbers of quit attempts reached their peak. The fall in quit attempts is likely to be picked up by our Nomedia’s Labour advisors as evidence that things are getting worse but as usual their grasp of statistics would be wee-dafty.

First, there are less smokers left so there are less of them to stop smoking. Second it was clearly the Labour Party’s utter incompetence and naked corruption which were making Scots anxious and more in need of a regular puff!

I gather the figures might also be affected by an increase in the use of eFags.

From ISD:

‘Of those making a quit attempt 38.4% (21,237) reported that they were still not smoking at Four weeks. This figure fell to 22.7% (12,553) at twelve weeks, both these quit percentages are similar to 2016/17. Of the 21,237 self-reported four week quits, 62.1% (13,180) were confirmed successful on carbon monoxide testing, 2.1% (450) were confirmed as smoking, and35.8% (7,607) had no carbon monoxide reading taken, or the result was unknown.’



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