Are any of hundreds of tower blocks ‘at risk of collapse’, in Scotland?

Ronan Point, London, 1968

In the Independent today:

‘Hundreds of tower blocks across UK at risk of collapse, say experts. Government urged to investigate ‘bigger issue than Grenfell’ as defects identified in more than 41,000 flats.’

In a very long news article, running to nearly 2 000 words, around 30 locations with the, at risk, Large-panel-system, are mentioned, but none are in Scotland. Once more, it’s not clear whether the writers have just conflated England with the UK, whether there are LPS tower blocks in Scotland, similarly at risk, or whether the often-stricter Scottish building regulations have led to their non-use or to a safer modified use.

I’ve searched for information but can only find this

‘Early problems with inadequate structural continuity of the panel joints resulted in the progressive collapse of Ronan Point high-rise flats in London due to a gas explosion in 1968. This resulted in revised design codes and strengthening or demolition of vulnerable buildings in Scotland and elsewhere.’

Historic concrete in Scotland, Historic Scotland, March 2013

I appreciate that this report is far from conclusive so would welcome, as always, further evidence from readers.



6 thoughts on “Are any of hundreds of tower blocks ‘at risk of collapse’, in Scotland?

  1. William Henderson October 23, 2018 / 5:23 pm

    It appears that the comments supplied to the Independent came from a group called “TowerBlocksUK”. Their latest (August 2018) news item on LPS Blocks can be found at:

    In the video at the end of the item, about half way through, a woman who appears to know what she is talking about gives some valuable insight into the failings of the LPS construction method.

    If the design problems identified are real and have not been rectified by the changes in building regulations in 1971 (post Ronan Point) then buildings in Scotland will be affected as well as those elsewhere in the UK.

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