Fluffy Mundell’s remaining handful of neuronal material is fried!


On reflection, I suppose the beard was a good idea.

From mysterious reader, Ludo Thierry:

Clearly the Global Warming effects have fried Fluffy Mundell’s remaining handful of neuronal material. Back in 2014 in full Better Together mode the then Scotland Office Minister Mundell was quoted by Severin Carrell in the Guardian (so it must be true) that “.. only a very small proportion ” of other EU member states’ catches came from Scottish fishing waters (see link and snippet below):


Alex Salmond’s fisheries threat to EU alarms industry

Salmond claimed 12 countries could be barred from Scottish waters if an independent Scotland was refused EU membership

Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent
Mon 28 Apr 2014 19.14 BST

Mundell said “… The truth is, only a very small proportion of other member states’ catches are taken from Scottish waters..”

Now, 4 years on in 2018, Fluffy is identifying the operations of other EU member states’ fishing fleets in Scottish fishing waters of such import that he is suggesting that ending EU access to the Scottish Fisheries at the earliest possible date is “..essential..”. (reported on the beeb – so it must be true) – link and snippet below:


Theresa May has said the Brexit transition period could be extended “for a few months” if needed.

But Mr Mundell has told the BBC he wants assurances any extension to the transition would not delay exit from CFP beyond the agreed date.

He said that leaving the CFP in December 2020 is “essential”.

Mr Mundell said that he wanted to make sure the arrangement was at the centre of thinking as EU deal negotiations reach a conclusion.

He said: “Leaving the CFP is an essential part of leaving the EU. Many people here in Scotland voted to leave the EU because they wanted to leave the CFP.

Somehow Fluffy something doesn’t seem to add up – Now – I wonder what that might be?


9 thoughts on “Fluffy Mundell’s remaining handful of neuronal material is fried!

  1. William Henderson October 22, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    But, you see, the creatures in the Scottish North Sea are Schrodinger’s fish.

    Hope that helps to clear things up.

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    • William Henderson October 22, 2018 / 5:14 pm

      PS: So are the fishermen – whiles they’re there and whiles they’re no’.

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      • Alasdair Macdonald October 23, 2018 / 8:26 am

        William Henderson, you were successful in introducing humour. Heisenberg is possibly more apt, but he was indicating that there was a genuine area of uncertainty, whereas Trump’s alternative facts are just lies. Sadly, ‘in the interests of balance’ the media presents them as if they fall within the genuine area of uncertainty.


    • Alasdair Macdonald October 23, 2018 / 5:16 am

      This an interesting (and witty) analogy Schroedinger’s cat was in a state of alive-dead until someone decided to observe it, and the it would be either alive or dead. In the case of fish (or any other resources like oil, water, wind energy, etc) these are in a state of good-bad until they have to be interpreted in the context of unionism or independence or anything which clusters around these two states.

      Thus the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation, which is strongly pro Union and which has members who have sectarian views and are members of the Conservative Party are always quoted as being the voice of the Scottish Fishing industry, rather than being put in the context of being but one amongst several bodies. So, what it says is always Good from a unionist perspective. Any statement from the Scottish Government or the Green Party is always Bad, unless the latter is opposing some aspect of SNP policy, whereupon, what it states is Good, although, it might be prefaced with a ‘but ….’

      Having oil is Good for the major oil companies, Westminster and the Saudi royal family, but, oil controlled by the Scottish Government, or the Goverment of Venezuela or the state fund of Norway would be Bad. In a UNITED Kingdom, oil has immense value, but, in an independent Scotland immediately becomes a curse, because the people are not genetically programmed to run the industry. Russian oil is, by definition, Bad, unless it comes from a part of the industry run by an oligarch who launders his money in London and makes significant donations to the Conservative Party.

      The Scotsman newspaper, run by Johnston Press and being mendaciously hostile to ?Scotland is Good, but The Scotsman run by an organisation headed by Mr Salmond would have been Bad, because it ‘would upset the traditional balance of views in the Scottish media’.

      The Schroedinger analogy is quite an apt one, but, I do not think wholly appropriate. It has probabilities attached to it, while the unionist/independence one is entirely predictable.

      It is more in line with the Trump doctrine of alternative facts, which we are seeing in the case of the murder of the Saudi journalist. The Saudi goverment is now on its third or fourth fact. Whatever Ruth Davidson says at any time is an unquestionable (literally) fact and no reference must be made to any previous fact which never existed if someone thinks it contradicts her current fact.

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      • William Henderson October 23, 2018 / 7:54 am

        You are correct in that my comment was a simple attempt to inject humour to an otherwise rather unpleasant affair. However, now that “the Donald” has been entered into the conversation, I now feel that I might better have alluded to Heisenberg and his principle of uncertainty. 🙂

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      • Broadbield October 23, 2018 / 10:42 am

        Of course Einstein’s General theory of Relativity says that facts are bent by a massive object. For example, when a fact comes hurtling towards the Donald, who exerts a considerable gravitational field being quite a big guy, it is bent round him and comes tweeting out the other side in the opposite direction and with completely the opposite meaning. This gravitational lensing of facts bent by massive bodies to have the opposite meaning from which they started out their journey across the ether (whar’s yer Michelson-Morley noo?) is illustrated in Alasdair’s description above.

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  2. gavin October 22, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    The Scottish Tories have had zero coverage so far with Brexit. The same folk who claimed they would protect the Scottish interest!
    While the DUP have been leveraging their small numbers into something substantial in monetary terms, and much more in media coverage back home, the Scottish Tories are now desperate to prove they believe in “something”, indeed in anything other than blind obeisance to British nationalism.
    Hence a small disturbance in the Scottish media waters, over “Scottish” fisheries—which they are desperate to hand over to the English Ministry ( a certain Mr Gove) to oversee. If they really were a threat to the May regime, it would headline the London media coverage. It doesn’t.
    These are the same fisheries which May, Davidson and most of the rest of the Scottish Tories wanted to leave with Brussels. Utter hypocrites!

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