Bobbies on the beat slashed in England AND Scotland! Well, actually, hardly even trimmed in Scotland.

In the Sunday Times today:

‘One in three bobbies on the beat in England and Wales have been axed in just three years as violent crime has surged. A Sunday Times investigation found more than 7,000 traditional neighbourhood police officers, who protect communities and gather intelligence, have been reassigned to other duties or left jobs altogether since March 2015.’

Wow, I thought. How bad is it in Scotland? Have our bobbies been slashed too? When I say slashed, I mean…..Anyhow, here’s the answer, well, their kind-of answer, from the Scotsman in May this year:

‘The number of police officers in Scotland is at its lowest level for nine years, new figures have revealed. In the first three months of year, Police Scotland had the equivalent of 17,170 full time officers, according to Scottish Government statistics. The last time the number of officers was lower was in the first three months of 2009, when the total was 17,048. Officer numbers increased after the SNP came into power in 2007, with the party committed to putting 1,000 extra police on the streets. That commitment was first met in March to June 2009, with the number of officers having remained at above or about 17,250 since then. But the total for January to March this year dropped by 86 from the 17,256 recorded in October to December 2017.’

So that’s a cut of 86 or 0.49% of the 17 256 and not being ‘slashed by a third’, at all, like in England? So that’s about one sixty-sixth of the cuts in England?

That SNP! Don’t you just hate the way they’re so capable and trustworthy?



4 thoughts on “Bobbies on the beat slashed in England AND Scotland! Well, actually, hardly even trimmed in Scotland.

  1. Finnmacollie August 26, 2018 / 2:52 pm

    If there was not such fierce political resistance to the merger with British Transport Police (as that would do away with the word ‘British’) then we could add the 280 odd officers based in Scotland to the figures and hey presto we have an actual increase.

    I seem to remember there was a similar, although not political, resistance when the British Airport Authority police amalgamated with the police authority local to their particular airport – 1970’s I think. They are now all part and parcel of Police Scotland with no seeming ill effect.

    btw my first paragraph should not be read as to imply that the 280-ish BTP officers stationed in Scotland are in any way ‘odd’ as I have no evidence to this effect.

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    • John August 26, 2018 / 6:02 pm

      I wouldn’t worry, there are a few “oddballs ” everywhere 😁 .

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      • Finnmacollie August 26, 2018 / 6:23 pm

        Keep making with the positive waves Moriarity.

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  2. Legerwood August 27, 2018 / 10:21 am

    Of course it couldn’t be the case that some of the 86 police officers were actually retiring could It? And will of course be replaced at some point. I am sure if someone was to look at the monthly figures for police numbers they would vary around a mean number and a large part of the variability being retirement or people leaving because they are changing careers.

    I saw this story when it was reported in the Herald, minus of course any mention of the situation in England and Wales for comparison. If I remember correctly The LibDems were mentioned as having found out the numbers. I remember wondering at the time why they had suddenly wakened up and, given the ridiculous nature of their claims, why the had bothered.


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