BBC Scotland calls for Scottish Government to ban health-damaging mesh implants knowing fine well that they cannot do so.

Six times between 6 and 9am, today, BBC Scotland headlined:

‘The use of mesh implants in Scotland should be banned according to a parliamentary report.’

Then told us that:

‘The Scottish Government will give serious consideration to the findings.’

The implication is clear, that the Scottish Government has the power to ban these implants but has not done so despite the suffering they cause. However, from the 29th out of 31 statements in the BBC Scotland website version of the story we see, at last:

‘The spokesman also said the Scottish government did not have the power to ban the use of mesh, which was a matter for the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which is the regulator of medical devices across the UK and is the responsibility of Westminster.’

No doubt, there was insufficient time to give this important detail, so an ‘editorial judgement’ was made. In the longer 1pm, 6.30pm and 10.30pm editions we might expect it to be squeezed in after the inaccurate association of responsibility has been made.

Update: At 6.30 there is the failure to identify the UK government as responsible for the lack of legislative action, the role of health board and specialists in making the decision to persist in special cases with the use of the mesh yet the suggestion that the Scottish Government has somehow ‘not done enough’ to force them to its will and then bizarrely, the the SG admits it cannot legislate on the issue. This is quite perverse reporting.

10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland calls for Scottish Government to ban health-damaging mesh implants knowing fine well that they cannot do so.

  1. Alasdair Macdonald August 21, 2018 / 1:14 pm

    The chief Medical Officer gave a very calm explanation about why, in some circumstances, the use of mesh can be justified and is efficacious. She was completely unfazed by attempts by Hayley Miller to become shrill and hectoring.

    It was entirely reasonable for a committee of the Scottish Parliament to examine the issue, since a number of women had suffered and continue to suffer because of treatments which included the use of mesh and in which the mesh had been a factor in their discomfort. There had been a petition to the Scottish Parliament and Parliament had responded.

    To be fair to Ms Johan Lamont, as chair of the committee, she made, what seemed to me to be a non partisan statement and called on her fellow MSPs to reflect on the report.

    It was also pointed out that the SG does not have the powers to order a ban.

    So, it looks as if we have the BBC News in Scotland making the issue.

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    • Contrary August 21, 2018 / 8:49 pm

      Yes, this was endlessly reported on on radio Scotland GMS this morning – and I agree even Johan Lamont seemed to be making fair statement – but the BBC didn’t, they carried on in an oblivious manner stating that the Scottish government should ban the mesh implants, even after they were told they couldn’t. Given that the BBC, I believe, are not a professional medical body, and based on their lack of ability to listen, or even possibly read, I really wonder who they think they are that they believe they can dictate policy on such a subject. They are doing this more and more frequently – not just reporting (whether biased or not) – but actually declaring what the Scottish government should do, what we should do, what we should think. Forcefully and repetitively, without any qualification on the subject.

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  2. bigjon999 August 21, 2018 / 1:32 pm

    BBC lying again – and caught so easily – they either are very, very stupid or else they are deliberately doing it and don’t care because their masters demand it.

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  3. John August 21, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    Don’t hold your breath John , the BBC in Scotland have upped their SNP baad agenda ! .

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  4. William Henderson August 21, 2018 / 4:13 pm

    There are two basic reasons, I reckon, for this continuing negative reporting of Scottish affairs:

    First, Scotland is a golden goose for the Westminster establishment and they will do ANYTHING not to lose it.

    Second, BBC and other MSM ‘journalists’ and reporters still have their outlooks coloured by their Blairite Neocon upbringing and so have no difficulty in following the agenda set in a back room in Westminster in pursuit of the first reason above.

    It is deliberate, not accidental.

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  5. Ludo Thierry August 21, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    You have to admire Labour poppet MP Paul Sweeney’s powers of persistence with a ‘zombie’ story – but seems – yet again – that wee Sweeney has bitten aff mair ‘n he can chew.

    He was all over the ‘Scottish’ MSM back in June regarding the Glasgow City limo which had been gifted by a mystery donor. After significant cat-calling innuendo from the bold Paul it turned out that the generous benefactor was none other than Boyd Tunnock – confectionary tycoon and generous donor to various causes – and high profile Better Together supporter. Mr. Tunnock had observed Glasgow giving up its traditional civic Rolls and decided that he had one he could spare and felt Scotland’s largest City could use it well – and he handed it over together with a 2 year service contract so that Council Tax payers were not picking up any expense (in fact the City saved considerable money by cancelling a lease contract on another limo). Defeated in his mud-slinging endeavours against the SNP political ingénue Paul departed the stage to nurse his wafer-thin majority.

    A mere 2 months later Labour’s favourite funstrel returns to try and take another bite of the biscuit. This time allying himself with the hard-right cheerleaders known as the Taxpayers’ Alliance. (Erm – I’m a tax-payer – and they’re no allies of mine I can assure you – time to re-think the nomenclature maybe chaps?).

    It appears the Taxpayers’ Alliance goons asked FOIs to discover costs of civic limos. They thought they would try and embarrass the SNP administration in Glasgow City by revealing that (from Clyde radio news site):

    Glasgow City Council has spent nearly £108,000 on luxury cars for the Lord Provost over the last three years.

    An FOI from the Taxpayers’ Alliance found a six-figure-sum has gone towards leasing three Volkswagen Phaetons since 2015, as well as fuel and vehicle maintenance.

    £73,501 was spent on leasing, £20,461 on maintenance and £13,699 on fuel, giving a total of £107,661 between April 2015 and March this year.

    Speaking to Clyde News, Glasgow North East MP Paul Sweeney said: “Looking at the context of the pressure local government has been under – indeed with people in Glasgow now £210 a year worse off than before austerity – to see this level of spending on civic cars in the last three years just strikes the wrong note.”

    Had young Paulus spent a wee bit less time chewing on a Tunnocks and a wee bit mair time on his ‘rithmetic he might have noticed that he has just called out his Labour cooncillor pals who were running Glasgow City for the vast bulk of that period (for 24 months between April 2015 and April 2017). The SNP administration took over in May 2017 and Boyd Tunnock, recognising that Glasgow finally had a decent SNP administration after years of Labour clowns, made his generous gift in June 2018.

    So wee Paulie has previously managed to insult Better Together mainstay (and generous and civic-hearted man) Boyd Tunnock – and now (correctly – but not as planned) reveal the dolce vita spending approach of his Labour cooncillor pals at Glasgow cooncil over a 2 year period. All the while young Sweeney has managed to highlight the good housekeeping approach of the new SNP administration which has successfully slashed the civic limo bill since taking office. Now that REALLY takes the biscuit.

    He’ll be known as Paul ‘biscuits’ Sweeney – ‘cos his smears ‘crumble’ whenever they’re put under scrutiny.

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    • Robert Graham August 21, 2018 / 5:10 pm

      Looks like all the years of trying have paid off and having beaten hands down previous worthys like Ian Grey – Jack the lad & and sour faced i was a teacher Lamont , he has finally cracked it , he is now the proud possessor of the stupidity award he has cornered the market single handedly a true little diamond . I wonder if he could be goaded into inquiring into the Legal costs incurred by the previous administration blocking for 10 years equal pay for women workers .or is that taking it too far .

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  6. Robert Graham August 21, 2018 / 4:35 pm

    The bbc dont even bother to disguise their efforts now at undermining anything and everything the government are doing , it goes on 24-7 relentless distortion , they are pandering to their small diminishing audience giving them a daily fix of SNP = bad , they do this because 99.99% of the media in Scotland are cheering them on , The little inconvenience of the SNP being the freely elected government doesn’t matter , support of this union is paramount .

    I dont think there is another country in the world where the media are so out of step and at odds with the government the majority have chosen to govern them it is a quite bizarre situation.

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  7. Contrary August 21, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    And that the BBC journalists still maintain that they are not deliberately biased is beyond reckoning – it must be an alternate universe they live in.

    Even my rather BritNat colleagues at work were just today, without my input, declaring the BBC to be liars – no idea what they were looking at online, but there was a fair amount of sarcasm ‘it must be true if it’s the BBC website’, and an outright declaration of a lie (it was probably about football, sigh roll of eyes etc). Okay, I may have mentioned the BBC to be liars a couple of times in the past, but still, if they are now known to be untrustrustworthy by that lot, it’s progress I tell ye.

    Can I post this link again to fund getting leaflets to Indy campaigners – we need to disseminate actual information somehow, and it won’t be through the BBC, so I believe this will be the most useful ‘word of mouth’ way

    I should win the euromillions tonight and be able to fully fund it myself, but on the off-chance that that alternate universe isn’t the one I exist in,,, I am sure all help will be gratefully received.

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