Scottish researchers work to help poor across globe

I’ve previously written reports of Scottish scientists and researchers working to improve the health and economic circumstances of the poor, across the globe. With particular regard to India and Bangladesh, Scots are involved in helping to remove arsenic from water supplies. In South-East Asia, they have been helping to reduce cattle fart!

Now we hear, in Energy Voice:

‘Around £11 million has been allocated to supporting local projects in Malawi until 2023. The cash from the Scottish Government’s Malawi Development Programme will be split between 11 initiatives aimed at improving health and education and boosting economic development and renewable energy. The projects will be delivered by Scottish-based organisations and their Malawian partners. The schemes include a £1 million pre-school and primary feeding programme run by Mary’s Meals, a £1 million emergency medicine project involving NHS Tayside, and a £1.2 million initiative from Edinburgh University aimed at strengthening rural health facilities.’

For more on earlier projects, see:

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Scottish Researchers again!

September 25, 2017johnrobertson8342 Comments

Scottish Veterinary researchers working to improve the health and productivity of farmed animals in sub-Saharan Africa.



One thought on “Scottish researchers work to help poor across globe

  1. Ludo Thierry August 20, 2018 / 4:17 pm

    Hi John – glad you enjoyed your well deserved hols.

    Good to see Scotland participating in these important projects in Malawi. This sort of work is preparing the teams and systems that will assist the Independent Scotland to (soon) play her part as a Global Citizen state. Further evidence of Scottish Diplomacy at work found in the site today regarding the opening (next month) of a new Scottish Govt. office in Ottawa – see edit below:

    Scotland’s economic ties with Canada will be strengthened through the launch of a new Scottish Government office in Ottawa next month.

    The new Canada office will:
    • encourage investment between Canadian and Scottish businesses and organisations
    • promote Scotland as a place to work, study and visit
    • develop relationships in key policy areas like climate change, equalities and social enterprise
    • encourage collaboration between business, research, education and cultural institutions

    Canada has consistently been a top 20 export partner for Scotland, with exports in 2016 totalling £610 million. It is also one of Scotland’s biggest inward investors, with around 3,650 jobs provided by 45 Canadian companies in Scotland.
    External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop confirmed the details ahead of her attendance at the Canada Hub reception as part of the Culture Summit 2018.

    Key facts on Scottish-Canadian relations:
    • 7 million Canadians claim Scottish heritage
    • 9,500 Canadians live and work in Scotland
    • more than 1,000 Canadian students are currently enrolled in Scottish universities – it’s Scotland’s sixth largest source of international students
    • visitor numbers from Canada to Scotland increased by 50% in the last year, to more than 149,000 visitors (fourth largest international market) with spending £130 million (7% of Scotland’s total tourism spend)

    Bit by bit we develop the necessary governmental infrastructure to ensure a rapid and smooth transition to full Indy status.

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